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21 Jun, '17

Wood Floor Insulation - All You Need To Know

We received a lot of question about floor insulation and in order to help our clients we have dedicated this articles to the topic. Before we begin, though, let’s take a look at what are our floors made of. The Structure of a Floor Floors consist of three different parts.
13 Jun, '17

Wood Flooring For Each Room Of The House

Here you have it – solid wood, engineered wood, parquet and even laminate flooring. You can choose one of these many options, if you are truly passionate about the appearance of wood and all the benefits that these hardwearing options bring to your home. However, you probably already understand that you are not limited with choosing only one type of product for your entire house or apartment? That is right! And if you are afraid that different wood flooring options means that you won’t be able to achieve a full integrity and smooth transition in your home, because this is not quite the truth.
06 Jun, '17

Wood Floor Sanding For Care Homes

Undergoing a wood floor sanding service delivered to care homes might sound like a bit of controversial idea. When it comes to care homes, there are specific requirements in such establishments and respecting the comfort and peace of the residents is often the main priority. On another hand, sanding service tends to be popular as a messy, noisy and pretty much stress and hassle process that definitely adds some disturbance and disruption to the otherwise peaceful everyday life of the residents and seniors of the care home.
02 Jun, '17

Sanding Wood Floors In The Different Seasons

Are your wood floor sanding plans affected by the season? In general, you need to be aware of the fact that sanding process is different in the different seasons and today we are about to find out why and what are the main differences that might affect your service plans and management. The various seasons in the UK come with quite different climate changes and conditions and sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly have their impact on the general condition of your wooden floor as well as on the sanding service itself. Although we often associate UK’s weather with a lot of rains and humidity, various seasons still bring various climate and weather conditions you need to be aware of the way these might affect flooring.
05 May, '17

Whitewashed Wood Floors - How To Achieve The Look?

There are several fashionable ways to change your wooden floor. Right now dark brown, ebony, grey and whitewashed surfaces are most popular. While dark floors are more trendy, white washed hardwood, also known as Nordic or Scandinavian, has some distinct advantages not only in terms of looks but also for practical purposes.
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