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Squeaking Floorboards - How To Fix Them?

Do your floorboards squeak from time to time? Do they squeak all the time? No matter if it is just occasionally, or it is all the time, the creaky noise wood floors sometimes tend to make is definitely not a pleasant one. So do not neglect it, because, besides the noise that drives you crazy, the creaky noise can be a sign of a bit more serious problem you might need to deal with. Hands down, wood flooring problems and the repair services linked to them are definitely something you wouldn’t enjoy the experience because major issues require pretty much expensive, energy- and time-consuming repairs.

How To Fix Cloudy Hardwood Floors

It is always a good idea to invest in a hardwood floor because it is a product with timeless quality, great durability, and fine looks.   The look, however, is not easy to preserve. The appearance of hazy, milky, cloud–like surface can ruin the impression you want to make and here, we are going to discuss how to deal with it.

Floor Sanding - Do It Yourself Or Hire a Professional?

Sanding is something your floor will need sooner or later. One of the things you probably wonder about is should you get professional help or not? However, the budget is something we must be aware of at all times. What you need to do is analyse the situation, determine the severity of the problem and accurately evaluate your personal skills.

How To Prevent The Surface Of Your Floor From Colour Changing

Nothing in the world remains unchanged. Hardwood floors are no exception. Given the fact that they are rather expensive compared to most other types of flooring it makes sense to do everything we can to protect them.