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Wood Flooring Maintenance – Halloween Edition

Planning a Halloween party? We have some great news for you – your wooden floor can survive even the wildest Halloween party with a little bit of your help. No matter if your party is Halloween-themed, or you celebrate any other event or bank holiday, you just need the right preparation in order to prevent ending up with a damaged wooden floor after the fancy evening of celebration. Trick or treat… or more like do you want some tricks and tips (which are a real treat for every homeowner, really) in order to maintain properly for your wooden floor, even in the middle of the party? We are sure you do, otherwise, there is no other reason to read this article, in case you are simply not a curious cat.

How Moisture Affects Wooden Floors

  If you are familiar with wooden floors and own at least one, you are probably familiar with the fact that moisture and humidity are considered to be the most serious enemies of wood. In fact, this is the truth, but this does not mean that there is no way you can prevent moisture and humidity seriously affecting the condition and appearance of your real wood flooring. Of course, there are ways to prevent damages and permanent issues and imperfections, but you need to be prepared with the proper respond to the situation.

How To Remove Stains And Smudges From Your Floor

Accidents happen all the time and there is hardly anything you can do in order to prevent them all. Accidents related to your wooden floors happen often too, one of the most common out of them being the stubborn stains. Whether these will be stains left from food or drinks, paint or nail polish, or whatever you can think of, these stubborn stains are nothing but needless for your wooden floor and we are sure that you do not want their annoying presence at all.

Hardwood Flooring and Pets – How Realistic Is This Idea?

Many people would consider that having pets and a hardwood floor is mission impossible. And they are right, except one little detail. Having pets, a wooden floor that can be pet-friendly and a smart maintenance routine is a mission possible, time-proven and entirely successful! One of the biggest myths about wood flooring we have heard and want to bust today is that pets, especially the dogs, and wooden surfaces do not go along.

Staining And Painting A Wood Floor Is Not The Same Thing

If there is one place in the world where we are free to do whatever we want it is our homes. We can change, transform and improve it any way we like, floors included. It is not so rare these days to become the owner of a fine new home and find the interior not to our taste.

Oil Finishes - The Different Types And Way Of Application

Which Finishes Are Oil Finishes? If you have no previous experience with floor finishing products, finding the right one for you can be quite a difficult task. Even the names are confusing. Have you ever seen the terms oil finish, oil-based finish, penetrating oil finish and wondered if they are the same thing or something completely different? Oil finishes are linseed, tung, teak, danish, hard wax and oil-based polyurethane lacquers.