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Hardwood Flooring Or Bamboo Floors

A couple of years ago a new type of flooring became incredibly popular in the UK – bamboo. It was something new, exotic and interesting so many followed the fashion trend and purchased themselves one. Today, it is far less popular and we are going to discuss in this article exactly why.

Wood Floor Insulation - All You Need To Know

We received a lot of question about floor insulation and in order to help our clients we have dedicated this articles to the topic. Before we begin, though, let’s take a look at what are our floors made of. The Structure of a Floor Floors consist of three different parts.

The Exclusive Wood Floor Finishes By WOCA

WOCA No1 - Evolution or Revolution? WOCA is a well-known and respected manufacturer of wood care products with a heavy focus on wood oils. It has been hinted for some time that the Danish are working on something really big. A project which is supposed to offer unmatched quality when it comes to the care and protection of wooden floors.

The Difference Between Water And Oil Based Polyurethane

How Many Types of Finish Are Out There? Today, we can roughly divide the floor finishing products into three major groups. First, there are the surface finishes which form a protective film on top of the wood– shellac, varnish, lacquer.   The second group consists of penetrating oils and sealers represented by the likes of linseed and tung oils.

Bona Launches New FlexiSand Sanding Machine

Bona has launched the new version of Bona FlexiSand machine - the "Bona FlexiSand PD 1. 5" with its powerful 1500w engine revolutionises wood floor sanding with its extra and unique power drive plate featuring four separately driven heads. In UK the machine will be supplied with a standard drive pad for use with 407 mm pads when light sanding or for buffing application of stains or oils, as well the Bona 4-head  power drive plate, which can be used with 150 mm discs to make all sanding back to bare wood or finsihing jobs easier.

Improved Hand Sanders from Metabo

With recent launch of Metabos updated range of hand sanders including 150 mm, 125 mm and 80 mm diameter pads, Metabo has become an even more attractive to the wood finishing industry brand. The powerful, tested already by our sanding experts tools provide a durable, dust free sanding solutions at reasonable cost. The 150 mm SXE450 Duo Orbit Action Sander  comes with the option to increase or redecrease the power of vibrations and the Round Detail Sander 80 mm diameter sander is ideal tool for sanding stairs & banisters and hard to reach areas and details.

QuickStep Launches Floor Sanding Training Course

With the launch of Quick-Step Academy in 2012 new training courses will be available for wood floor sanding through their "Wood Sanding & Finishing Course". The course covers a multitude of wood floor sanding and finishing techniques and includes an in-depth look at health and safety, the correct use of edger’s, belt and drum machine recognition, floor sanding techniques for different species of wood, preparation and finishing procedures, the application of stains and oils as well as staining techniques. Successful completion of the course will grant a certificate to the participants.