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Refinish Your Floors With Bona Range of Wood Stains

Express yourself with the exclusive and extensive Bona Create floor staining system -  give your wooden floors a personal touch. Bona Create is a new formula that brings modern and renewed colors to any type of wood. Thanks to its wide open time, the application of Bona Create floor stains can be done comfortably and the result is a beautiful and uniform.

6 Modern Ideas For Wooden Flooring

There is no other flooring option that looks as elegant, beautiful and stylish as wood flooring. This is not our biased opinion, as hundreds of thousands of people around the world share and support. Natural wood flooring helps establish a very special, cosy and warm atmosphere at home, but can also look extremely professional, sleek and beautiful, when installed in commercial and business premises.

The 5 Popular Parquet Flooring Patterns

When thinking of parquet flooring, you are most probably envisioning the beautiful antique French chateaux and their wooden floors with a lot of character, distinctive beauty and elegance. And you are completely right to imagine all this since parquet flooring is initially created for the properties of French royalties and wealthy ones sometime in the 16th century. Despite being associated with an old-world charm, parquet patterns are making their big comeback in recent years.

Colour Combinations – Wood Flooring Contrast Games

Dark wooden floors are one of the latest trends in the past few years and many people are going after the stylish, elegant and non-traditional expression. In fact, they are fashionable and can complement many areas of the household. It is good to know that shady colours are not suitable for zones, that are smaller, narrow and overcrowded.

Choosing The Right Wood Species For Your Flooring

A wood floor installation is a great project to invest into. Wooden floors are popular for their durability, hard-wearing and long-lasting power. Wood is naturally very hygienic and does not attract too much dust and dirt, unlike many other flooring options.

Why Is Vintage Wood Flooring So Popular?

There has been a lot of discussions about the advantages of vintage hardwood. It is a popular flooring solution because it offers qualities unmatched by modern flooring. What makes it so sought after? Is it really that good or is it just some kind of fashion trend to its antique appearance which will eventually pass away? There are two kinds of vintage.

The Most Popular Floors In TV Series

Are you a fan of 'Sex and The City' or 'Friends'? Oh, we know that you answer is positive, even without asking you! After all, are there people that haven’t binge-watching an entire season of their favourite TV show in one single night? Or it is just us, tell us, please! We guess that you have at least one guilty pleasure in the form of your favorite TV series you are ready to watch all over again after the end of each season and because of that we have decided that today we are going to talk a bit more about some of the most beloved TV series ever issued and your favorite TV personalities. To spice things up a bit more, we are going to talk about something you haven’t noticed in your favourite TV shows, but it is right there, from the first to the last episode aired – flooring. That is right, let’s dive into the fictional worlds of Friends, Sex and The City, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother because we are having a VIP pass for you and today you are a guest of the most popular TV apartments ever shown on TV.

Wood Flooring For Each Room Of The House

Here you have it – solid wood, engineered wood, parquet and even laminate flooring. You can choose one of these many options, if you are truly passionate about the appearance of wood and all the benefits that these hardwearing options bring to your home. However, you probably already understand that you are not limited with choosing only one type of product for your entire house or apartment? That is right! And if you are afraid that different wood flooring options means that you won’t be able to achieve a full integrity and smooth transition in your home, because this is not quite the truth.

Whitewashed Wood Floors - How To Achieve The Look?

There are several fashionable ways to change your wooden floor. Right now dark brown, ebony, grey and whitewashed surfaces are most popular. While dark floors are more trendy, white washed hardwood, also known as Nordic or Scandinavian, has some distinct advantages not only in terms of looks but also for practical purposes.

How To Stain Your Floor Grey

Grey is a unique colour in more than one way. It is a mix of the two opposite colours in the palette - black and white. It’s also not easy to find in nature and the results, when applied to your wooden floor, vary greatly depending on the wood species, the intensity of the stain and the hue used.

Floors in Lighter Shade of Pale

Due to the increase of demand of light shaded wooden floors over the last year few companies has introduced new, easy to apply formulas for achieving white coloured and grey coloured finishes. The renowned Danish company Junckers was one of the first to introduce a white tinted primer, which produced a pale / bare wood effect. It was followed soon after by Woca, which also introduced similar product for the own lacquers.