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Engineered Floor Sanding

Engineered floor sanding is best left to the experts. There is limited amount of real wood top layer to be sanded and careful choice on the selection of abrasives should be made, regardless if your floors have 3 mm or 6 mm top layer.

sanding and oiling an engineered oak flooring

Choose your floor sanding company carefully and here are some reasons why to choose us.

Experts on Wooden Flooring

While you can experiment with DIY sanding of solid wood floors, we would strongly recommend that you get a professional flooring company for your engineered floor sanding. This is mainly because engineered floors have very limited sanding capacity, particularly those with 3mm top layer, which can only be sanded once. If, for whatever reason, you get it wrong, there might be no opportunity to repair the damage and you might end up having to replace the whole floor.

In addition, with so many products on the market, it might be difficult for a non-expert to decide which sealant would best protect their engineered floors for longer.

engineered wood flooring restoration

At FloorWorks, we have extensive experience and knowledge of the various types of engineered floors and we are confident that your floors are safe with our flor renovation services. The thickness of the top layer of engineered flooring products range from 1 mm to 6 mm. We would not advise sanding those with 1mm top layer as the sanding process will most certailny reach the sublayers. Our engineered wood floor sanding service is gentle to all floors, regardless of their thickness.

Engineered Floors Maintenance

Because of their limited restoration capacity, it is very important that engineered floors have regular and appropriate wood floor maintenance, which can significantly prolong the time until sanding is required. Apart from regular hoovering and precautionary measures such as no shoes and protective pads, oiled engineered floors need to be buffed nd re-oiled every 12-14 months to maintain the protective layer. Lacquered floors can be cleaned and polished to remove any minor scratches and to apply additional layer of sealant for greater durability and protection. refinishing engineered flooring in dark tones

Did You Know?

  • We do not recommend not recommended staining of engineered floors with 3 mm top layer. Due to the ageing of floors and some minor differences in level, the floor sanding equipment may take a bit more of the top layer in some areas than other, causing uneven thickness of the top layer. That effectively can result in uneven absorbance of the stain applied causing inconsistency of colour throughout the floors.
  • Sanding grooved flooring with clearly not a perfect level may end up with uneven depth of the grooving throughout. Considering removal of the groove completely by the sanding service is recommended.
  • Engineered floors like hardwood floors in many cases could be installed with beading on the perimeter to cover the expansion gap required for wooden floors. As preserving the beading from scratching during the sanding of the floors is almost impossible, replacement of the beading after the sanding is completed will provide better end results.
  • Sometimes, a cheaper and quicker wood floor re-oiling service can save the hassle of floor sanding if called in at the right time, not too late. React to first signs of sealant wearing.
  • Some Kahrs flooring products come with 1 mm top veneer. These products although classified by their manufacturer as engineered are beyond restoration. These products can be easily mistaken with normal engineered products due to the presence of natural wood top layer.

engineered oak flooring restoration

Restoration of Boen and Kahrs Flooring

The world famous brands Kahrs and Boen are known for their 15 mm, click system engineered floors. These like many other products are an example of products with a thin top layer. With our certified floor sanding experts, you can rest assured that your precious Kahrs and Boen engineered floors are in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Depending on the thickness of the plank engineered flooring can be sanded once or multiple times. Planks with 6 mm top layer can have an average of 4 sandings and a plank with 3 mm top layer should have only 1.
  • There are 3 main standard of thickness in engineered flooring - 14 mm, 18 mm and 20 mm planks. There are variations like 22 mm or 10 mm as well, which has appeared over the last few years due to pricing competition. Planks of 14 mm will have 3 mm top layer. Planks of 18 mm will usually have 4 or 5 mm, 20 mm planks are usually with 6 mm top layer.
  • In the general case the guarantee of 14 mm product is 15 years and 20 mm product will have 25 years. However, the guarantee comes from the manufacturer, so best check with your supplier the particulars.

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