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Aftercare service for wooden floors

Wood Floor Cleaning, Polishing & Re-Oiling

We use quality polishers & hardwax-oils from Osmo, Blanchon and Bona to refresh the look of your wooden floors

Maintaining your wooden floors with the appropriate processes and materials means that you can prolong their life and continue to enjoy their shine and beauty for a much longer time before they need to be sanded. Most wood floor maintenance services would aim to restore and protect the existing floor covering and add an extra layer of sealant to ensure that the timber is well protected for longer.

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Why choose our wood floor re-oiling service?

Re-oiling hardwood & engineered wood floors

Wooden floors with oil-based finished should go through waxing / re-oiling service every 16 - 24 months for domestic use and special attention should be paid to floors with commercial use and floors finished in colour.

The opportunity, which oil-based finish provides is the exact benefit of this type of finish and getting the timing right is important.

Areas with high-traffic areas like kitchens, dining areas or hallways will be the first to show signs of tiredness. We find quite often the oiled finish intact throughout a property, except for the kitchen.

Re-oiling is the application of an extra coat of oil or hardwax-oil over the existing oiled finish. The preparation of the floors to take an extra coat is done by buffing the floors with a fine abrasive followed by application of the new coats of oil / hardwax-oil is made with slow buffing process. Our oil-based products offer matt or satin sheen.

What is polishing of wooden floors?

Wood floor polishing is a preventative maintenance service applicable only to lacquered floors. It is often also referred to as "Clean & Polish" service. Regardless of what it is called, the aim of this type of service is to add additional protection to the existing finish and to help prolong its lifespan, before next floor sanding service is required.

Polishing is the application of a new coat(s) of a sealant called “polish” onto wooden floors sealed with water-based or solvent-based lacquer. The polish as a product, which can only bond onto a lacquered surface and it is not intended to be used on bare wood. Therefore, if the floors have any significant wearing already, they should go for floor sanding service, as the result will be unexpected. Our staff members and flooring experts will be able to advise if Clean & Polish service is applicable in given situation.

Re-coating for lacquered floors

Unlike the Polishing service, the Recoating requires the same type of lacquer to be applied over the existing one. If the product is unknown, Polishing services should go instead.

Preparation of the floors to take an extra coat is done by an agent mixed with the new coat of lacquer and run of a fine abrasive to prepare the floors for an additional coat.

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