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Parquet Floor Sanding & Restoration

The restoration of old parquet floors has always been a rewarding challenge for us

Sometimes a pleasant surprise lies underneath the carpets of a home you recently acquired - beautiful old parquet flooring.Probably it won't be in it's greatest condition, but our parquet floor sanding service can do miracles with it and bring it back to the previous glory. With our years of experience and professional care for wooden flooring, we feel confident that our high-quality wood floor restoration services are exactly what you need.

Parquet floors are precious assets and valuable addition to any home or office, improving the interior appearance and hence increasing the property value.

Because parquet floors are usually laid in various patterns such as Herringbone, Chevron and Mosaics Panels, the parquet blocks and the flow of their wood grain have different directions.  Therefore, the process of parquet floor sanding requires particular skills and an exceptional attention to detail to achieve the desired renewed and magnificent appearance. Our floor sanding experts are experienced and knowledgeable about the specific parquet sanding requirements and with the use of dust-free sanding equipment, we can deliver outstanding, hostel free and mess free parquet restoration services.

teak parquet flooring restoration

Parquet floors renovation often involves wood floor repairs, where we re-fit any loose blocks or replace those that are damaged to ensure stability and durability. Parquet floor gap filling is another process that often goes with the restoration service. A mixture of wood floor resin and the fine sawdust from the sanding is applied throughout the floors to fulfill any small gaps between the parquet blocks. This provides a smooth and uniform appearance and contributes to the draught insulation as well.

The next step in the parquet restoration procedure is the finish choice. Depending on your personal preference we offer water-based and solvent-based lacquers such as Bona Mega and Junckers Strong and hardwax-oils by Osmo, Morrells, and Blanchon in a variety of colours. The lacquer or varnish creates a ticker protective layer and provides a more durable and hardwearing sealant, while the oil requires a more frequent maintenance, but creates a more natural and less glossy appearance. 

Varnishes come in matt, satin or gloss finish. Should you decide to change the colour of your parquet floors, then we can offer you our wood floor staining services, where your desired colour is applied on the sanded surface and then sealed with clear varnish on top.

Remember to leave the floor for at least 12 hours to ensure that the surface is dry before moving the furniture back into the room.

prime parquet flooring
beach parquet blocks in rustic grade
oak laid in herringbone pattern single border

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, our staining service is applicable to every wooden floor, including parquet block. Bear in mind that some darker timber species are difficult to make lighter.
  • Yes. As long as we can supply new or reclaimed parquet blocks to match your existing flooring we can remove the fireplace heart and restitch the pattern, extending it to the wall.
  • Parquet blocks are available in various thicknesses from 15 - 30 mm. Thicker blocks have a lifespan of 100 years.

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