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Stairs & Banisters Restoration

Stairs Sanding & Stripping, Banisters & Staircase Restoration

Sanding stairs is quite a slow process due to the fact that only small sanding tools can be used and all of the work should be done by hand. Even though it takes a lot of strength and it is an intense process, the final result is well worth the hard work, a reason good enough to trust a well-established floor sanding company that have years of experience in restoration. From a domestic to commercial staircases, we can guarantee to give a 100% of our best work.

oak stairs after restoration service

Stairs can be sanded several times to restore the natural look and once achieved it is a shame to cover them with coverings like carpets since nothing is more beautiful than the natural wood. After sanding stairs, they can be stained with a colour of your preference or just sealed with clear varnish or oil. You shouldn't worry about the durability of the floor finish because there are extremely hard wearing wood floor sealants available today for high traffic areas of the stairs.

In order to achieve a complete renovation of your home, you might consider sanding your banisters while restoring the wooden floors and stairs. They complete the staircase look and the appearance is very important for your interior design.

Banisters are, in most cases, round shaped and relatively small, their sanding requires a real craftsman, who can do most of the work by hand. In spite of being labour and time-consuming process, banister staining will restore the natural beauty of the stairs and it will be a great addition to any type of interior.

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