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Free Quotation Service

All of our floor restoration services are preceded by the provision of a free and detailed quotations, which specify and describe the required floorworks and costs. To ensure that our floor works quotations provide detailed information about the specific requirements of your particular flooring, they are subject to a free site survey done by one of our flooring surveyors. Site surveys provide us with the opportunity to inspect the condition of your flooring and to discuss any specific requirements and preferences you may have. This is also an opportunity for you to meet a member of our team and ask any particular questions you may have. To arrange a free site visit and a free quotation call 020 38838044 or 0800 0239197 or booka free survey online.

To maximise the opportunity for our customers to arrange site visits at their most convenient days and times, our flooring surveyors operate seven days a week. We appreciate that many people may require weekend visits or visits after their working hours and we aim to be as flexible as possible to accomodate your requirements and to ensure that floor surveys are done at the most convenient for you time.

During the flooring survey, the surveyor will measure the area and make an assessment of type of your flooring and the type of the existing floor finish as well as the extent of damage or wear. He will also discuss your personal rquirements and preferences to ensure that they are reflected in the quote.

Following the site survey you will be sent a detailed floor works quotation, providing advise on our recommended approach to your floors restoration taking into account any particular aspects that have been discussed and agreed during the visit. Our free floor works quotations provide detailed information on the floor restoration materials that we will use, the nature of the works, their anticipated duration and a breakdow of costs. They are tailored to your specific requirements and aim to meet your preferences as much as possible.

Our free quotations are not only cost free but you are also under no obligation to book our services. We are also always happy to provide further details or to further discuss quotations that we have provided to clarify details with our customers.

To arrange a free site visit and a free quotation call 020 38838044 or 0800 0239197 or booka free survey online.