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What Are The Benefits From Floor Sanding And Refinishing

What Are The Benefits From Floor Sanding And Refinishing

What Is Floor Sanding and Refinishing?

Well, to put it shortly, wood floor sanding is a process where you strip the top surface of a floor. Refinishing is when we repair or reapply this finish. However, in this article we are not going to discuss the exact definition of sanding. At this point, reading this, probably you are already aware about the whole process. What is more interesting is why to do it? We mean, really, besides the more aesthetically pleasing look, what are the benefits from it? Let’s be honest here, sanding and refinishing isn’t that cheap and the average person can sometimes begin to wonder, why to do it?  Is there a practical benefit to this at all? It is way easier to simply cover the floor with a carpet or something and simply forget about it.

Why This Entire Process Is Recommended?

First, let’s think about it for a second. Why do we buy hardwood flooring? It is arguably the most expensive solution on the market. Well, it is a natural product which looks good in pretty much any setting. It is comfortable, easy to clean and brings a certain sense of cosiness into a room. People generally like hardwood and this fact, combined with its high price, makes for somewhat luxurious and stylish part of your home. That’s fine.hardwood floor after sanding with buffing machine

In truth, the most significant advantage of solid wood flooring is the option to sand and refinish its surface. You can buy a vinyl or laminate and if they are of sufficient quality, will last a decade or two. After that, it is off to the trash bin.

Hardwood, on the other hand, can be sanded and refinished again and again, and again. Depending on the original thickness of the floor, the process can be repeated up to ten times. There are wooden floors which have managed to survive up to 300 years and counting. A modern one can hold up to 100 under the right conditions. Some prefinished floors, which have been prepared in the factory with a special aluminium oxide finish, have a warranty of 50 years. Sanding such a floor is hard but possible. Strip it of its old finish and add a good polyurethane in its stead. Congratulations, you’ve just added at least 10 years of life to it!

It is refinishing that truly makes hardwood flooring great. The added durability and visual improvement are a huge benefit.wood floor refinished with hardwax-oil

The Real Benefits Of Floor Sanding

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Not all damage is visible. Not every possible source of damage is obvious. Sanding not only removes existing damage but also prevents the appearance of new issues. There are tonnes of problems which can affect a wooden floor but making sure everything is safe and works properly, can one day save us a lot of future headaches.

A smooth surface is a clean surface.

One often forgotten the benefit of floor sanding is how easy it makes the cleaning. And this on a material which is already popular partly because of this particular trait. A smooth surface without dents or scratches doesn’t leave any place for dust or dirt to build up which makes it very easy to clean.

Allergies are a thing of the past.

Do you know what is also great about a proper cleaning? No dust means a lot less chance for allergies to manifest. This wouldn’t be possible if the surface isn’t maintained properly and sanding is part of this maintenance.

It pays to keep our wood floor in good condition.

Appearances matter. But what if we no longer care about appearances? What if we simply want to sell our property and move to live somewhere else? A hardwood floor in good condition will help you sell faster, easier and for more money. At least, this is what estate agents say and who knows better than them? Of course, a worn and distressed surface will have the opposite effect so plan ahead.

All those pretty colours!

Customization is a great thing. It allows us to shape everything around us. Flooring is no exception. People like to stain their floors and follow the fashion trends. Grey, dark, white washed and so on. However, those colours are not permanent. You can change them whenever you want … as long as your floor is thick enough to be sanded. Without sanding, you can never remove the old stain in order to apply the new one.

Would you rather change your floor entirely?

If your floor becomes worn and distressed what would you do? Yes, refinishing is not that cheap but it’s much better than replacing your floor entirely, is it? Cheaper alternatives that lack the option to be sanded have to be replaced about twice as often as a hardwood. Why not just buy the thing once and stick with it for a lifetime?