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Wood Floor Repairs

Our works include repairs of parquet flooring, floorboards, solid and engineered wood flooring

Wood floor repairs makes it possible to restore damaged floors and bring them back to life. This is the very first and one of the most important steps in the process of floor restoration, which ensures stability and solidness to allow for further restoration works to take place. There are various wood floor repair techniques which are applicable to the different types of floorings and it is extremely important that an appropriate approach is taken by a professional floor repair company like ours in order to achieve the ultimate stability. Before any wood floor repairs we carefully examine the specific needs of your type of flooring taking into consideration whether it is engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring or parquet flooring and also taking into account the way it has been installed before we can define the best course of action that will ensure the best and long lasting results. 

The wood floor repair service usually includes the following steps:     

  • Full examination and damage assessment.    
  • Securing any loose blocks or floorboards.  
  • Salvaging those parts of the floor that can be saved and re-fixed.
  • Removing or hammering down any loose or protruding nails.
  • Installing additional floorboards or parquet blocks, should this be needed.

Repair service for wooden floor

Floorboards Repairs

Repairing floorboards is almost always required when it comes to floor boards restoration. This is particularly the case where floorboards have been covered by other types of coverings such as carpets, which have restricted the opportunity for earlier interventions. The good news is that in most cases we can easily repair your floorboards as long as they have not rotten or have not been infested by worms. This can be done by re-fixing the damaged boards with nails and filling the gaps with wood filler. Sometimes it is also necessary to replace existing damaged boards with additional ones. When floorboards replacement is needed, we would always aim to do this with matching or similar floorboards to ensure smooth and uniform appearance as much as possible. What is important there is to also match the age of the pine not just the size of the board as pine is a soft wood which changes its appearance and colour with time. Therefore, floor boards repairs is better left to the professionals. Floorboards repairs is often a preferred option, not only because it is cost effective, but also because once repaired and restored the original floorboards shine again and bring an exceptional style and beauty to any home.

floor boards repair & replacement

How to treat floorboards infestation?

The clear sign of floorboards infestation is the appearance of small holes on your flooring, cased by various wood-feeding vermin. It is sometimes possible to treat the infestation if you manage to notice it at an early stage. If there is dust around the holes this usually means that the infestation has started relatively soon and there is a good chance that your floorboards can be saved. Wood preserver and insecticide can help with this, although a more thorough treatment might be required depending on the level of infestation.

Parquet Floor Repairs

Modern parquet floorings are often relatively easy to repair as long as they have been properly installed. However, historically parquet flooring has been installed with the use of bitumen, which makes the whole process of parquet floor repairs much more difficult and time consuming. Bitumen removal is essential if you want your floor to be truly stable. However, this is very difficult and if your parquet flooring has been installed with bitumen, you might be better off replacing it with new flooring rather than trying to repair it.

If, however, your parquet flooring has been glued down with an appropriate glue, it is often possible to repair it. We appreciate that parquet floorings are truly unique and add an extra beauty and value to your home. Therefore, we always aim to repair parquet floorings even if it requires the supply of additional parquet blocks to replace those that have been damaged. Should this be the case, we would aim to find the closest match to your parquet blocks to ensure smooth and uniform appearance of your beautiful parquet floors.

Our parquet floor repair services include flooring inspection, refitting of loose blocks and the supply of missing and replacement of damaged blocks with matching pieces. After the parquet repair service, your floors will be ready for the next stage of restoration - the parquet floor sanding and sealing process which will provide the final touch to your beautiful parquet.  Parquet repair service


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