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Wood Floor Repairs

There is an enormous variety of wooden floors. However, all these types of products can be split into groups based on their method of installation. The most important part of the restoration process is the floor repairs because you cannot achieve perfect look without having a stable, healthy base upon which to create it. Different installation types have specific needs and require individual approach in order to have good and lasting results. The repairs include:     

  • Full examination and damage assessment.    
  • Securing any loose blocks or floorboards.  
  • Salvaging those parts of the floor that can be saved and re-fixed.
  • Removing or hammering down any loose or protruding nails.

Repair service for wooden floor

Floorboards Repairs

It is quite possible to actually salvage even damaged floorboards as long as they are not rotten or infested by worms. This can be done by re-fixing the damaged board with nails and fill the imperfections with wood filler. This way you can save a lot of money but it will not always work since the board may still be squeaky and unstable. In that case, replacing is the only option.

floor boards repair & replacement

How to treat infestation?                                                                    

It is easy to find out if your floor has been infested with worms or beetles. The boards will be full of small holes made by the various wood-feeding vermin. If you see dust around the holes than the infestation has begun recently and it can still be treated. Wood preserver and insecticide can help with this.
Original pine floorboard is the simplest plank of all - it does not have a fitting system and is usually nailed down. What is important there is to match the age of the pine. As a resin-rich softwood, pine shrinks with time and changes its appearance and colour.                                                     

Parquet Floor Repairs

Modern parquetry is relatively easy to repair as long as it has been laid properly. Much trickier are the reclaimed parquet floors which more often than not are laid with bitumen. Bitumen removal is essential if you want your floor to be truly stable. It has to be scrapped and the process can be long and painful.

We pay special attention to reclaimed parquets because they are something truly unique. They offer higher durability and additional value to any property while sometimes making it a real challenge to find the perfect match. We are confident not only in our own craftsmanship when it comes to restoration of parquetry but also in our ability to find those few blocks which will suit your floor best!

Our parquet floor repair services include refitting of loose blocks, the supply of missing and replacement of matching parquet pieces. We do offer a wide variety of wood species including oak, merbau, teak, maple and pine blocks in stock.Parquet repair service


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