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26 Oct, '17

Wood Flooring Maintenance – Halloween Edition

Planning a Halloween party? We have some great news for you – your wooden floor can survive even the wildest Halloween party with a little bit of your help. No matter if your party is Halloween-themed, or you celebrate any other event or bank holiday, you just need the right preparation in order to prevent ending up with a damaged wooden floor after the fancy evening of celebration. Trick or treat… or more like do you want some tricks and tips (which are a real treat for every homeowner, really) in order to maintain properly for your wooden floor, even in the middle of the party? We are sure you do, otherwise, there is no other reason to read this article, in case you are simply not a curious cat.
08 Oct, '17

Choosing The Right Wood Species For Your Flooring

A wood floor installation is a great project to invest into. Wooden floors are popular for their durability, hard-wearing and long-lasting power. Wood is naturally very hygienic and does not attract too much dust and dirt, unlike many other flooring options.
18 Jul, '17

Why Is Vintage Wood Flooring So Popular?

There has been a lot of discussions about the advantages of vintage hardwood. It is a popular flooring solution because it offers qualities unmatched by modern flooring. What makes it so sought after? Is it really that good or is it just some kind of fashion trend to its antique appearance which will eventually pass away? There are two kinds of vintage.
13 Jul, '17

Hardwood Flooring Or Bamboo Floors

A couple of years ago a new type of flooring became incredibly popular in the UK – bamboo. It was something new, exotic and interesting so many followed the fashion trend and purchased themselves one. Today, it is far less popular and we are going to discuss in this article exactly why.
04 Jul, '17

The Most Popular Floors In TV Series

Are you a fan of 'Sex and The City' or 'Friends'? Oh, we know that you answer is positive, even without asking you! After all, are there people that haven’t binge-watching an entire season of their favourite TV show in one single night? Or it is just us, tell us, please! We guess that you have at least one guilty pleasure in the form of your favorite TV series you are ready to watch all over again after the end of each season and because of that we have decided that today we are going to talk a bit more about some of the most beloved TV series ever issued and your favorite TV personalities. To spice things up a bit more, we are going to talk about something you haven’t noticed in your favourite TV shows, but it is right there, from the first to the last episode aired – flooring. That is right, let’s dive into the fictional worlds of Friends, Sex and The City, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother because we are having a VIP pass for you and today you are a guest of the most popular TV apartments ever shown on TV.
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