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Refinish Your Floors With Bona Range of Wood Stains

Express yourself with the exclusive and extensive Bona Create floor staining system -  give your wooden floors a personal touch. Bona Create is a new formula that brings modern and renewed colors to any type of wood. Thanks to its wide open time, the application of Bona Create floor stains can be done comfortably and the result is a beautiful and uniform.

6 Modern Ideas For Wooden Flooring

There is no other flooring option that looks as elegant, beautiful and stylish as wood flooring. This is not our biased opinion, as hundreds of thousands of people around the world share and support. Natural wood flooring helps establish a very special, cosy and warm atmosphere at home, but can also look extremely professional, sleek and beautiful, when installed in commercial and business premises.

The 5 Popular Parquet Flooring Patterns

When thinking of parquet flooring, you are most probably envisioning the beautiful antique French chateaux and their wooden floors with a lot of character, distinctive beauty and elegance. And you are completely right to imagine all this since parquet flooring is initially created for the properties of French royalties and wealthy ones sometime in the 16th century. Despite being associated with an old-world charm, parquet patterns are making their big comeback in recent years.

Colour Combinations – Wood Flooring Contrast Games

Dark wooden floors are one of the latest trends in the past few years and many people are going after the stylish, elegant and non-traditional expression. In fact, they are fashionable and can complement many areas of the household. It is good to know that shady colours are not suitable for zones, that are smaller, narrow and overcrowded.

Wood Flooring Maintenance – Halloween Edition

Planning a Halloween party? We have some great news for you – your wooden floor can survive even the wildest Halloween party with a little bit of your help. No matter if your party is Halloween-themed, or you celebrate any other event or bank holiday, you just need the right preparation in order to prevent ending up with a damaged wooden floor after the fancy evening of celebration. Trick or treat… or more like do you want some tricks and tips (which are a real treat for every homeowner, really) in order to maintain properly for your wooden floor, even in the middle of the party? We are sure you do, otherwise, there is no other reason to read this article, in case you are simply not a curious cat.