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6 Modern Ideas For Wooden Flooring

6 Modern Ideas For Wooden Flooring

There is no other flooring option that looks as elegant, beautiful and stylish as wood flooring. This is not our biased opinion, as hundreds of thousands of people around the world share and support. Natural wood flooring helps establish a very special, cosy and warm atmosphere at home, but can also look extremely professional, sleek and beautiful, when installed in commercial and business premises. Real wood floors are natural, intriguing, and exciting, available in an impressive variety of colours, textures and patterns. In addition, modern technology and professional techniques provide you with the amazing opportunity to have your natural hardwood flooring dramatically transformed, be it via staining, changing the wood’s texture, or simply enhancing the natural one. Finally, real wood floors are extremely beneficial, because they are a highly long-lasting and hard-wearing product that can survive up to a whole century, as long as you make sure to take proper and regular care of them. It is not an exaggeration that this type of flooring can make a house feel like home.

Today’s market offers a really impressive variety of different wood flooring options. Starting with solid or engineered wood, through the different styles of installation, parquet flooring included, and the myriad choices they offer when it comes to colours and textures. With so many choices in front of you, we understand that it can be pretty overwhelming to choose a wooden floor for your home and make sure that your whole family feels happy with the choice. In order to save you all the headaches, today we are offering you a look into 6 inspirational ideas for modern wood flooring layouts.

  • Modernize the classics – Classic parquet patterns such as herringbone and chevron are what all fans of classic wood flooring are going for. The herringbone parquet pattern that used to be popular in the 60s and 70s of the past century used to be constructed out of narrow small wooden boards, but those days are gone. If you are a fan of the classics, but you enjoy a modern twist on things, make sure to go for the new herringbone pattern, achieved with the help of broader and wider boards. This modern look of the golden classics in the parquet traditions is a result of modern technology and industrial progress, but also a result of the current trends reigning in the international market. Nowadays you are provided with a really great and impressive choice of modern and beautiful wooden flooring options you can match to your interior and personal style and preferences. This interweaving of the classic and the modern trend has peaked during the last few years and there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay.
  • Accentuate textures – Wooden materials with a rich and dense texture such as oak and chestnut in their natural shades add a very impressive, beautiful and unique appearance to each room of the house, especially if it’s the living room we’re talking about. These denser wood species are perfect for all sorts of interiors and styles, where every inch of the space will tell stories and create unique and cosy atmosphere.
  • Use colour to convey a message – Contrasts are the chance to unleash your imagination and set your wildest designer dreams free, combining them with eye-catching textures and creating unique styles. Playing around with colours and textures is one of the most popular trends nowadays, when it comes to wooden flooring and will contribute to creating a truly one-of-a-kind appearance and atmosphere in any room of the house. Colour contrasts are definitely very exciting and add a lot of dynamic to your home’s spaces.
  • Bring exotic and modern together – American walnut is a very beautiful and durable wood species. It is a very popular choice for many people who are seeking a different and unique, but still natural look for their wooden floor. This comes from the fact that American walnut presents a very interesting and exciting contrast between the shade of the core of the wood and the outer parts of the pieces. Whether it’s about colour, deepness, richness, or elegance, it will add uniqueness and atmosphere to any interior and every room.
  • Respect the traditions – Aged, whitened, or simply stained in white, wooden floors that are made to resemble an artistic antique or vintage inspiration are something that every fan would choose. With the great variety of treatments and techniques available in the wood flooring industry nowadays, there is no doubt whatsoever why so many people are going for the inspiring appearance of aged wood. Floors with antique style add more cosiness and warmth to your house and are great for the bedroom. In addition, you can even choose a wooden floor that is actually made out of reclaimed wood.
  • Geometric creativity – Chess-style contrasting wooden tails are truly a beautiful wood floor pattern classic that is tried and tested in time and a favourite choice for many people. This type of geometric patterns will add a lot of excitement to your living area. Additionally, you can play around with colours and textures to create your own, very unique and one-of-a-kind floor.