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Colour Combinations – Wood Flooring Contrast Games

Colour Combinations – Wood Flooring Contrast Games

interesting combination of flooring and interior

Dark wooden floors are one of the latest trends in the past few years and many people are going after the stylish, elegant and non-traditional expression. In fact, they are fashionable and can complement many areas of the household. It is good to know that shady colours are not suitable for zones, that are smaller, narrow and overcrowded. However, if you have already chosen dim tints for your home or workplace interior, you should be aware of few aspects of the design that will make it look like from the cover of the magazine. Do you want to learn more about how to achieve a sophisticated style and be more modern than your neighbours? Well, this article should be dedicated to you!

Let`s start from here then - first thing when we are talking about shades is how to create a contrast and make your place beautiful. Apparently even this comes as number one rule for most of the designers. On another side, having too many murky elements in the room, where the ground is dark will put no difference between the objects in your interior. In fact, it will make your place too pale. Bear in mind that, choosing this style could be very risky as well. If you don’t manage to create some extent of contrast, your room will not be as cosy and bright as you want.

Here is some tips that might be useful to complete your comfort at home:

  • When you start choosing the background for your wooden floor, try to create the overall colour scheme. This will help you out with the general idea of how the area will look like.
  • Focus on emphasizing the wall shade and the larger furniture pieces in the room. The easiest way to achieve a classic and more elegant contrast is by matching dark base with brown, milky white, light grey shades, as the effect is more than stylish.
  • Hey, details are important! Complete the full vision with cushions and more decoration elements and pieces. Take your time, because the atmosphere will be better in the end, even if you are not sure of your design skills.

Talking about colour games and combinations let`s continue with our guide…

If you are that type of person that is traditional, you should consider matching the darker shade of your floor with more brownish shades - like coffee, caramel and even warm-toned beige. This combination will provide any room with a deep and homey atmosphere.

engineered wood flooring in dark shade

We all know that black and white has always been very classic mixture. Oldie, but goldie, these colours find their place in a lot of trends for the past few years. However, that could be too intimidating sometimes. In this case, make sure to put a few light and milky beige elements to make your home warmer.

Being creative is always good when it comes to house furnishing. Geometric figures and patterns guarantee dynamic atmosphere. Choosing simple symmetrical designs with white furniture pieces is a great idea. That will contribute to the unique style of the space while making a monochrome pattern could be more traditional. Don`t forget to add metallic elements. They look trendy and you will end up with a dream home for sure!

Now let’s go out of most people’s comfort zone and add some eye-catching colours. In fact, this may sound too scary, but don`t worry – there is nothing frightening in the match the dark wood floor with some brave tint schemes like yellow, orange and… red! The last one is very suitable for larger, more open spaces, as it will make the room smaller. The mixture will make the place extra modern and very eccentric. On another hand, orange is a more traditional choice that adds a lot of warmth and homey feeling to space. Don`t forget about the yellow - it is a great “pick me up” decision and you will have a unique interior immediately.

bright flooring with eye catching interior

Are you trying to achieve a luxurious look for your place? In this case, other interesting option would be to use golden and bronze elements. It matches quite good on the dark wood flooring background. It is a perfect choice for a bedroom, where it will bring the feeling of prestige, high status and luxury. For more mysterious and exciting effect we suggest purple shades. They create a very mysterious and exciting combination, as this atmosphere is perfect for the bedroom, don`t you think?

luxury flooring and furnishing

Another modern and fashionable style is matching your dim ground with colours such as lime and olive green, light or very dark green. To add more dynamic to the overall appearance of the interior, designers recommend using a few small bright yellow elements. On another side, green brings freshness, cleanliness and natural feeling. If you choose this as an option for your kitchen space, be aware that it will sharpen your appetite!

green cozy room with laminate flooring

Finally, if you want to achieve an exceptional and different look, we suggest paints such as turquoise, aqua and light blue. It is a good decision for a relaxing and laid-back spaces such as your lounge or living room.