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Wood Floor Sanding

All you need to know about our wood floor restoration services

At Floorworks we consider that floor sanding is not just our work, but a craft that we've mastered to perfection and continue to do so. As a professional flooring company, we specialise in any type of wood floor restoration, including wood floor sanding, floor varnishing and reoiling as well as wood floor repairs. Throughout the years of loyalty and devotion to our clients and the growth of our service we have developed professional floor sanding skills that give us the confidence to continue to bring only high-quality services. The reward of our continuous work is the beautiful transformation of old wood floors into a piece of art.

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Dustless Floor Sanding & Repairs Floor Sanding Tailored to Your Floors

Sanding is usually the initial step of the wood floor restoration process. Floor saning removes the damaged top layer of the wooden floor and smoothens it to prepare your floors for sealing, that will protect it for years to come. Each type of timber and type of flooring has its own character and qualities. Therefore, our approach to floor restoration would differ for achieving the best results.

Our extensive knowledge of various wood flooring products enables us to recognise and specify the type of your flooring to ensure that we perform the most appropriate sanding techniques at a relevant depth and that we apply the most suitable products. We approach the different types of wooden floorings with particular care as we appriciate how important it is to perform the appropriate type of wood floor sanding in order to achieve the ultimate results for our customers.

  Floor Sanding for Engineered Wood Flooring

Removing the surface from engineered floors can be a good example - floor retailers and manufacturers often advertise their engineered floorings with 3 mm top layer can be sanded 3 times. In practice, however, we know this is rarely the case and unless sanding engineered wood flooring with such thickness is done by a professional floor sanding company there is a risk of removing the whole of the top layer by the very first sanding. Choosing a professional floor sandin service like ours for your floors can guarantee that you can have your engineered floors sanded at least twice.

Parquet Floors Sanding & Restoration

Parquet floor sanding is another example that prooves floor finishing is a craft that is better lefr to the professionals. Because parquet flooring somprises of small pieces of wood whose grains run i various directions, parquet floor sanding should be performed with specific care to ensure smooth and delightful appearance.

  • Merbau Parquet Finger Panels Restoration - Sanding & Sealing
  • Pine Parquet Flooring Blocks Restoration - Sanding & Sealing
  • Teak Parquet Flooring Restoration - Repairs & Sanding
  • RhodesianTeak Parquet Flooring Restoration - Repairs & Sanding

Floor Sanding for Hardwood Floors

Sanding hardwood floors requires professional techniques in both sanding and finishing. This type of service requires not only extreme care, but also a quick and prompt completion to ensure great result. Solid wood flooring is extremely vulnerable to external conditions such as humidity and once sanded it should not be exposed unprotected for very long time.

Our wood floor restoration services ensure the best protection and the ultimate results for both residential and commercial wood floor sanding. We are also well equipped and skilled to perform professionall wood floor sanding of Junckers floors, which is a popular hardwood floor choice for church floors, gyms, museums, offices, sports halls, schools and other general public premises.

  • Junckers Solid Oak Flooring Sanding & Sealing
  • Junckers Solid Beech Flooring Sanding & Sealing
  • Solid Merbau Flooring Sanding & Sealing

    Original Floorboards Restoration

    Restoring floorboards requires a lot of hard work. This service can include lifting & disposing of carpets, refitting of boards & repairs, removal of fireplace hearts and more that can be a challenge for a DIY initiative. Our company meets this challange with passion because we know how beautifuly and incomparable the restored floorboards can come out.

    • Original Pine Floorboards Sanding & Gap Filling
    • Original Pine Floorboards Sanding & Gap Filling
    • Original Pine Floorboards Restoration & Sanding
    • Original Pine Floorboards Restoration & Sanding

      In addition, we'd like to mention how proud we are to say our timber sanding services are dust-free as they are performed using the most up to date dust free sanding equipment and techniques available today.

      Floor Sealing, Staining & Re-Oiling

      Low VOC Floor Lacquers & Oils

      Wood floor sealing is the process of covering the sanded floors with the most appropriate type of sealant, which could be either wood floor lacquer or wood floor oil. Depending on the type of your wood flooring and the anticipated use, we can recommend the most suitable sealant for your wooden floors. Our service comes with quality hardwearing lacquers and oil based products. Of course, always with our free advice as well.

      All our quotes are based on products by leading floor finishing manufacturers including Loba lacquers, Junckers lacquers, Bona lacquers and Osmo Polyx hardwax-oils. All of these products offer exceptional durability and commercial level of hardwearing. They include waterbased, low VOC products, as well as some traditional solvent-based lacquers and come in ExtraMatt, Matt, Satin and Gloss sheens.

      There are also floor finishing products on the market that have been specifically designed to bring the best of both Lacquered and Oiled finishes in one, as well as to provide a truly natural, bare wood effects.

      Wood floor staining is the process of changiing the colour of your floord with the use of specific wood floor dyes.  For our wood floor staining service, we use a range of high quality wood floor staining products including Morrells, Blanchon, Bona and Junckers. They provide a rich palette of colours to satiasfy your individual needs and preferences.

      As a floor sanding company, we do quite a bit of maintenance of oiled floors. Re-oiling of wooden floors is a straight forward and hastle free with our wood floor buffing, polishing and re-oiling service.

      Wood Floor Repairs

      It is often the case that wood floor restoration requires some repairs - replacement of floor boards due to damage or refitting. We do wood floor repairs designed for each individual flooring need, whether it is wood floor repairs of engineered flooring, solid wood flooring, parquet flooring or repairs of pine floorboards. With our wood floor repairs service, we always aim to find matching products for your type of flooring so that you floors can look as good as new with our professional wood floor repair service. 

      • Floorboard - Fireplace Heart Restitching
      • Original Floorboard Repairs - Fireplace Heart Removal
      • Parquet Floor Repairs
      • Original Floorboard Repairs

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