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Wood Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is a form of craft that we've mastered to perfection and continue to do so. As a professional flooring company, we specialise in wood floor restoration and all our skills, years of loyalty and devotion to our clients and the growth of our service give us the confidence to bring only high-quality services. The reward of our continuous work is the beautiful transformation of old wood floors into a piece of art.

Flooring Service Tailored By Design

Sanding is only part of the wood floor restoration process, which removed unnecessary layers, levels, smoothens and prepares your wooden floors for sealing, that will protect it for years. Each type of timber and type of flooring has its own character and qualities. Therefore the approach for refinishing would differ for achieving best results.

Our extensive knowledge of wood flooring products helps us quickly recognise the spec of the product and respectively make sure sanding is not performed at depth or technique not recommended for that flooring.

  • Removing the surface from engineered floors can be a good example - many floor retailers and manufacturers say their engineered flooring with 3 mm top layer can be sanded 3 times. We know this is only theoretically possible. In fact, in practical terms sanding engineered wood flooring with such thickness, should be considered as one occasion only. Choosing a professional service like ours on any occasion for your floors can guarantee that you actually can have your engineered floors sanded twice.
  • Parquet floor sanding is another example that prooves floor finishing is a craft. Anyone who tried finishing parquet flooring will be aware of the difficulties related to floors, whose grain runs in any direction.
  • Sanding hardwood floors requires perfection in both - sanding and finishing. This type of service is focused on quick completion and great result. An expert sanding of hardwood floors should not allow the solid wood exposed unsealed for too long, as such mistake can cause expansion of the timber.

    Our wood floor restoration services cover as well Junckers floors - one of the most popular hardwood floors for gyms, museums, offices, sports halls, schools and other general public premises. One of the reasons we have a number of sanded museum floors, sports halls and schools is due to the popularity of Junckers solid wood flooring.Sanding pine floorboards
  • Restoring floorboards is another service that requires great attention to detail. Covered by carpets and other building materials, the original pine floor boards can be a challenge for the restoration specialist. But we love them, as we know how beautiful and incomparable the restored floor boards can be.

In addition, we'd like to mention how proud we are to say our resurfacing services are dust-free and that the equipment we use is the latest for the trade.

Sealing, Staining & Re-Oiling

Our service comes with quality hardwearing lacquers and oil based products. Of course, always with our free advice as well.

sealing parquet flooring

All our quotes are based on products by leading floor finishing manufacturers - Junckers lacquers, Bona lacquers and Osmo Polyx hardwax-oils. All these products offer durability and commercial level of hardwearing. They include waterbased, low VOC products, as well as some traditional solvent-based lacquers and cover ExtraMatt, Matt, Satin and Gloss sheens.

Some new products have been specifically designed to bring the best of both Lacquered and Oiled finishes in one, as well as to provide a truly natural, bare wood effects.

In the range of wood stains coming with our wood floor staining service, we have included all products Morrells, Blanchon, Bona and Junckers. They provide a palette of colours, enough to create a world of colours.

As a floor sanding company, we do quite a bit of maintenance of oiled floors. Re-oiling of wooden floors as simple as it can get with our buffing, polishing and re-oiling service.

Wood Floor Repairs

It often happens that part of the floors may need repairs - replacement due to damage or refitting due to moisture or lack of solidness. We do wood floor repairs designed for each individual flooring need - engineered, solid wood flooring, parquet flooring repairs and floorboard.floorboards restoration & replacement

Our service package includes obligation free site visit available six days a week, plus a thorough quotation. Call us for a free advice on 020 70360610 or 0800 0434359 and member of our team will be happy to help you with more information about our services or book a site visit in convenient for you time.

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