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Refinish Your Floors With Bona Range of Wood Stains

Refinish Your Floors With Bona Range of Wood Stains

Express yourself with the exclusive and extensive Bona Create floor staining system -  give your wooden floors a personal touch. Bona Create is a new formula that brings modern and renewed colors to any type of wood.

Thanks to its wide open time, the application of Bona Create floor stains can be done comfortably and the result is a beautiful and uniform. As part of the Bona System, Bona Create has been developed according to the most avant-garde sustainability criteria and is compatible with all Bona finishes and oils.

Its formula is free of cobalt and with low emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds), ensures a healthy indoor air and safe working conditions. When the time comes to renew the floor, it can also be a good opportunity to transform it. Giving some color to a wooden floor can change the image of the room into a completely new one.

Now you can brighten up a room with a fresh and lively color. A simple and worn oak color can be renewed with a touch of red, blue or green. You can even combine the floor with the rest of the decoration, creating your own style. You can also get an intense and very attractive appearance with Bona Create Natural. When the time comes for the next renovation, why not change your wooden floor with a completely new color!

With our wood floor staining service and Bona's wide range of colors, you can renovate your old floor with a wide range of current colors, without the need to change floors. With Bona Create, you can be sure that you will get a result of confidence. A range of 9 different colors will help you find the exact tone you want. Applied on wooden floors, Bona Create always gets a natural color, as if it were extracted from nature itself.

Whether you want a more serious-looking dark tone, or looking for a lighter shade to light up a room, Bona Create will get it. You will get a perfect result on your floor, regardless of whether you want a very shiny surface or, on the contrary, a matt appearance. Thanks to its wide open time, Bona Create allows a comfortable application and the possibility of working in large areas.

Because there is no risk of overlap, the result is a uniform colored wood. Bona Create is a safe formula developed with the most avant-garde sustainability criteria. Its formula without cobalt and low in VOC, ensures a healthy air indoors and safe working conditions. To achieve a resistant surface that protects the wood, we recommend the well-known water-based finishes. As an alternative to finishes, you can also opt for an oil application on Bona Create. In this case, we recommend the range of Bona oils.

To keep the surface in good condition, Bona has specific maintenance products, developed for both varnished floors and oiled floors. Our habitual commitment and passion for wood floors allow us to offer both professionals and individuals, lasting and sustainable results, whatever the need of the wooden floor.