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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions, we hear regularly from our clients.

  • How Can I Get a Floor Sanding Quote?

    To provide you with a free and no obligation quotation we would need to visit and inspect your flooring in order to ensure that the services included in the quote match your requirements and needs. Quotations are usually e-mailed to you either on the same day or within two days following our site survey. General and rough indication on the cost of our services can also be provided over the phone, but this is just for a guide and the final quote will only be confirmed once we see the actual condition of the flooring.

    For some very minor repairs or for areas of less than 25 sqm, we can provide quotations over the phone, as these would normally fall under our Call Out Charge (for up to 2 hours) and our Minimum Charge costs. These are described in our Cost of Sanding price guide.

    To book a site visit or get advice please call 0800 0239197 or 020 38838044.

  • Are Your Site Visits Free of Charge?

    Yes. All our site visits are free of charge and free of any obligations. You can book a free flooring site survey either online or over the phone. Our flooring surveyors operate seven days a week to provide flexibility and convenience to our customers.

    To book a free site visit or to get advice please call 0800 0239197 or 020 38838044.

  • What Happens If I Have a Complaint?

    We do pride our work and consider ourselves experienced in what we do. However, things may not always go to plan for various reasons. In case you feel that something could have been done in a better way, we would appreciate your comments and feedback. Please e-mail us on and be assured that we will do our best to resolve them in the quickest and most effective possible way.

  • What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

    Payment for your floor maintenance and sanding services can be made by:

    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • BACS
    • Debit Card

    Payment for all our services is always required on the day of completion for residential services and up to 30 days following completion for businesses. Payments should be handed to the floor men working at your property on completion. For electronic payments, a reference and bank details confirming that a payment has been made should be provided to the floor men on your property before they leave.

  • Is There A Minimum Charge for Your Services?

    As we quote our floor works based on the area to be treated, our services are subject to a minimum charge.

  • Do I Need To Be Present During The Sanding Works?

    It is advisable for you to be present or in a close proximity to your property during a floor sanding services. However, we understand that sometimes there are other important things that may require your attention. Therefore, if you are unable to be in the property during the floor works are taking place, we have highlighted when it is essential for you to be present. Please note that our Terms & Conditions apply at all times and while we make all reasonable care, we cannot be held responsible for ensuring that your home is secure, this is not our responsibility.

    When do you really need to be there:

    • On the first day, so that you can let our floormen in and give them any specific instructions, UNLESS otherwise agreed with a member of the staff in advance;
    • On an agreed with the floormen date and time, if a confirmation of some services is required, e.g. choosing staining colour, beading or skirting profile type, etc, UNLESS otherwise discussed and agreed in advance;
    • On the day of completion to inspect the quality of the completed floor works, to sign an evaluation sheet and to make a payment.
  • Is My Property Insured During The Floor Restoration Service?

    Yes. Your floors are safe with us - all our services are fully insured by a comprehensive Public Liability and Treatment Risk insurance with a limit of £5,000,000.


  • What Does Your Service Guarantee Include?

    All our services come with Service Guarantee which ensures that our works will be completed as they have been described in the floor works quotation. So, rest assured that your floors are in safe and skilful hands.  

    More information on our Floorworks Service Guarantee is available in our Service Guarantee section and our Terms & Conditions.

  • Do I Need To Pay a Deposit for Your Floorworks?

    No. All our floor restoration services are paid for on the day of completion, unless otherwise agreed. We do not take deposits for our services.

  • Do Your Work With Insurance Companies?

    Yes. As a reliable and reputable floor sanding company, we accepts insurance works. The party making the payment (Customer or Insurance Company), will need to be confirmed at the time of booking.

    If the payment for the floor works is to be made directly by the Insurance Company, we will require written confirmation of Claim approval, including details of Insurance Company at the time of booking the floor works.

  • Is Gap Filling Covered By Your Service Guarantee?

    Gap filling with rasin filler on floor boards is exempt from our Service Guarantee.

    While working on the surface of your floors during floorboards sanding / repairs and endeavour to make every effort to increase it's solidness, before proceeding with the gap filling, it is in fact the solidness of the floor boards, as well as the condition of its support (joists) that will defy the durability of the gap filling, not the quality of the product we use or our service.

    Gap filling of solid wood flooring

  • How Long Your Quotes Are Valid For?

    Our quotations are based on current products and services prices and availability. Therefore we reserve the right to amend our quotes, if booking does not take place within 60 days of receiving our floor works quotation.