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Floor Sanding Services

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and elegant addition to any house. They are practical because you receive a product capable of lasting for many years while also not being expensive to maintain. Wooden floors are worth preserving not purely for aesthetical purposes but because they add value to any property - if kept in good condition! 

Re-finished shiny hardwood flooring

Why Sand Your Floor?

Floor sanding is the best option when your floor is in need of renovation. It provides several benefits:
•    Restores the beauty of any hardwood floor and prolongs its life.                                          
•    It is the best way to get rid of dents and scratches.  Sanding, as a part of the full restoration process, should be accompanied by repairs and levelling if the floor is uneven. This makes it an excellent choice if you need more thorough and complete floor care. The results are worth it!
•    Sanding will improve the look not only of the floor but of the whole room because the light will spread more evenly on the finely polished surface.
•    A smooth sanding, especially one combined with proper gap-filling will ensure that dust and dirt build-up will be significantly harder while cleaning will be a lot easier and less often required.
•    It allows you to stain the surface of the floor and change its color any way you like. It also gives the option to try a different finish and change it into something unique.

Our complete set of floor sanding services in London covers all residential and commercial projects. It is designed to provide efficient restoration activities as well as convenience to the clients. Regardless of the size and type of business you manage, we can offer you the quality and flexibility you need.     
Our services can guarantee the following at no extra charge:

24/7 Availability for Commercial Projects

We understand that interruption for refurbishment can lead to a loss of customers for pretty much any business. Floor restoration is not a chore and it certainly doesn’t have to be inconvenient. Flexibility is key if you want to be successful and this is a lesson we have learned well. We can plan ahead and ensure that after we have performed the service we leave both a quality job and happy customer.

Outstanding Customer Care and Affordable Prices

We guarantee completely and utterly free advice, as well as free site visits and quotations to potential clients. We offer high-quality renovation services and the first step on that road is to grant the people honest and unbiased opinion how to best treat their hardwood floors. On top of this, our prices are fair and we provide excellent value for your money!

 Quality and Efficiency                                                             

There are times, especially for larger scale projects, where speedy completion is essential. We employ experienced sanding specialists with the knowledge how to transform your floor without unnecessary mess and delay. We are fast, efficient and dedicated to our craft. There is simply no flooring issue that is beyond our expertise.

Professional Dust-Free Equipment

We utilise the best and latest technologies in the floor restoration business and we can provide 100% dust-free sanding environment. Our experts are trained and prepared to make full use of the equipment. This can be particularly useful in museums, galleries and other dust sensitive environments.

Our service package includes obligation free site visit available six days a week, plus a thorough quotation. Call us for a free advice on 020 70360610 or 0800 0434359 and member of our team will be happy to help you with more information about our services or book a site visit in convenient for you time.







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