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Your wood floor is the face of your space. Wooden floors have the great ability to become a focal point and a statement piece of each and every interior, no matter if domestic or commercial. While this is a great opportunity to integrate natural elegance, style and beauty in your home or workplace, it could be also a bit tricky, because every wood flooring issue and imperfection will attract a glance like a magnet and they get harder to ignore or conceal without a maintenance service. Worry not, because maintenance and restoration services are designed to do this exactly – not concealing the problem, while somewhere there under the surface, the issue grows bigger and more serious, but actually tackling down all imperfections and prevent them getting really serious. While this is happening, let us remind you that a properly maintained real wood floor can last up to 100 years and still look amazing and feel flawless. Encouraging you to consider a wood floor restoration service is not our mission today, we simply prefer to present you all the benefits of such services like wood floor sanding, refinishing, sealing and repairs.

In a nutshell, wooden floors are a common choice for many businesses, because of their natural beauty, durability, hygienic and easy to maintain nature. Wooden floors are even more highly preferred for retail and showroom businesses because the main idea and concept of such businesses are ensuring the best presentation and a welcoming atmosphere that draws first-time clients like a magnet and make the comeback and back again because they have enjoyed the overall experience. It is really not that hard to create such a welcoming, attractive, presentable and professional ambience when you have a wooden floor installed. Although wooden floors are often a statement of the interior, integrating and bringing a lot of elegance and style in, the simplicity of real wood is highly preferred for working as the best laconic and definitely not intimidating background for all kinds of merchandise.

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However, when a wooden floor is installed in commercial premises, such as retail stores and showrooms, it is impossible to ignore the fact that wood floors get their great deal at wear and tear and extensive everyday use. Because of the high traffic and heavy footfall, it is saved to say that a retail or showroom wooden floor will become a subject of a great wear and tear and a number of other imperfections and finer issues in a shorter run. Being the professional and reliable retail business manager you are, experiencing a struggling with issues wooden floor, or premature ageing and distressing of the wooden floor is the least thing you would like your clients and customers to experience. In order to ensure the flawless presentation of your business the way you want it, a cost effective, efficient and professional wood floor restoration services delivered by an experienced and reliable contractor becomes your number one priority now!

Wooden floors are a stylish addition to any space and as a unique feature of any room, they deserve to be kept in their best condition. A restoration service is a way to give the floors a breath of fresh air and make them look as good as new! So here are just four of the endless reasons why to consider a professional renovation service of retail and showroom wooden floors:

  • Restore attractive appearance. As already mentioned, the presentable and welcoming appearance of a retail store or showroom is a priority and from a high importance for every aspiring business manager and the flawless appearance of the wooden floor is one of the most beneficial features that contribute to the desired look and feeling. Being able to provide the customer with an overall amazing experience includes welcoming them in a beautiful place. Wood floor sanding and refinishing are two services that are designed to bring back the initial flawless look and appearance of wooden floors. The sanding process is designed to remove the layer of worn, dirty and dull finish that is result of the high traffic and expensive use in a commercial premises. While removing the old finish and, when needed, a slight layer of bare wood’s surface, you can enjoy getting rid of all imperfections, such as dents, scratches, stubborn stains, dirt and dust build ups and what not. The following sealing or refinishing service consists of the application of layers of a finishing product that gives this fresh and brand new-like look and ensures a lot of protection.

  • Restore safety and durability. Wood floor sanding is always recommended to resting the durability and hard-wearing power of wooden floors. By removing all finer imperfections it is made sure that these won’t grow bigger and more serious, making the wooden floor struggle a lot. The application of wood floor finish contributes not only for the refreshed look of the floor but also for ensuring a great deal of protection of the bare wood and preservation of its natural colour, undertone, texture and the grain. In case a wooden floor is a subject of more serious issues that cannot be tackled down with the help of sanding and sealing, repairs and restoration services always come in handy for dealing with these and preventing them happening again.

  • Precision and planning. A reliable and professional wood floor restoration contractor can easily ensure a great time management of the project, so that the business will loose as little as possible. Flexible working schedule, night shifts and weekend work are a great way to ensure comfort, to deliver the job in a shorter run and minimise the disruption. Additional team members and equipment could be required to larger scale projects and a good contractor should be able to ensure a larger team of professionals.

  • Customer service and project management. The involvement of a very discipline renovation of retail and showroom floors service is a priority for every professional contractor that ensures a great project management. Not interfering the business and ensuring minimal disruption is a must. Every smallest detail should be planned prior to the start of the project, so the process could run smoother and with as less unexpected situations as possible.