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Wood Flooring Maintenance – Halloween Edition

Wood Flooring Maintenance – Halloween Edition

Planning a Halloween party? We have some great news for you – your wooden floor can survive even the wildest Halloween party with a little bit of your help. No matter if your party is Halloween-themed, or you celebrate any other event or bank holiday, you just need the right preparation in order to prevent ending up with a damaged wooden floor after the fancy evening of celebration.

Trick or treat… or more like do you want some tricks and tips (which are a real treat for every homeowner, really) in order to maintain properly for your wooden floor, even in the middle of the party? We are sure you do, otherwise, there is no other reason to read this article, in case you are simply not a curious cat. A curious black cat, of course, after all this is a Halloween-inspired post. So if you want to make sure that your wooden floor is not the real horror of the Halloween night, and a real horror to deal with and restore afterwards, here are some simple and easy to follow tricks and treats!

Halloween is an exciting event, indeed, for both adults and children. Because of that organizing and throwing a Halloween party is an idea that is hard to resist. However, do wooden floors really go along with such great celebrations at home? They totally do, but only in case, you adopt a truly SPOOCTACULAR cleaning and maintenance routine! Once you make sure you prevent some serious damages, issues and risky frightening situations for your wooden floor, you have the peace of mind to dress up in your costume, indulge yourself and your guests with some ghostly delicious delights and carry on dancing the night away without thinking about the frightening clean up the next morning. So if you want to prevent the ghostly trails of fun and celebration the next day, or simply learn how to tackle them down more easily, here are a few witty ideas for you!

Hocus Pocus and Your Shoes Are Gone!

wood flooring ready for halloweenAre you expecting a lot of guests? You probably already know that high traffic and heavy footfall are not your wooden floor’s BFFs. High traffic and heavy footfall, plus wearing high heels, in addition, could be very tricky and leave the surface of the wooden boards scratched and scuffed. Furthermore, wearing shoes inside the house means that a lot of dust and grime from outside the house is going to enter it and the small dust and dirt particles left on your wooden floor and in between the boards. Finally, wearing shoes inside also means that the finish of your wooden floor will face wear and tear quicker, because of that it is recommended to come up with a ‘no shoes’ policy inside the house. Surprise your guests with a magic spell and make their shoes disappear into the shoe cabinet. Exceptions such as ‘But my shoes are an important part of my costume!’ are simply not allowed. To spice up your party even more and show some great hospitality, make sure to buy some Halloween-themed slippers for all your guests.

Cover It With Dark Shadows

Well, not literary, but considering strategically covering some key areas of your wooden floor is a very important tip, not only throughout Halloween parties! Considering the fact that food areas drink tables and the entering the house areas are the most prone to accidents, placing a few mats or tarpaulin sheets here and there is a very good idea for preventing spilling liquids on your floor. A welcome mat is mandatory, so no dust and dirt are going to enter the house. Carry on with placing a few mats here and there, so you can make sure you won’t end up with your wooden boards permanently stained from food, or damaged, swollen and ballooning from spilt liquids and moisture. You can go even further and use all those mats as great details contributing to the overall party decoration because you can find some amazing Halloween-themed mats in the shops.

Wicked Games Go Outside

Some of the best parts of a Halloween party are definitely all the fun activities and games that are enjoyed not only by the young ones but by the adults too. However, these games can lead to a number of accidents and in order to prevent issues, make sure to build the fun and games area outside the house, instead inside. So set up the messy game area outside and instead of wandering with your mop all night long, grab your broom as real witches do!

Avoid Sticky Decorations To Prevent Sticky Situations

It is pretty easy to go crazy with decorating your home for a Halloween party, having in mind all the amazing and truly spooctacular decorations and details that are offered on the market. Going overboard is not a bad thing, but make sure to be smart, when selecting and buying your decorations and stay away from those of them that can damage your wooden floor. There is a bunch of spooky delights to choose from, but avoiding the use of silly string ones and other in the same sticky nature is a key to not ending up in the sticky situation of damaging your wooden floor. The tacky substance of those sticky decorations is pretty much very hard to remove and once it transfers to the surface of your wooden floor, it will be a real pain in the… actually everywhere to remove it. Even if you somehow manage to remove the tackiness, you still may end up with some greasy marks, so make sure to save yourself all the horror and simply stick to less sticky decorations (pun intended).

Bow Down Witches… For A Quick Clean

Clean as you go is the last witty trick we can share with you. If a spillage occurs, make sure to remove it the next second you notice it, because as you know – wooden floors and liquids definitely do not love each other. Wipe the spills with a dry or slightly damp mop/cloth by starting from the perimeter of the spill and making your way to the centre, so you can prevent the spill moving around and damaging an even larger area.