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The 5 Popular Parquet Flooring Patterns

The 5 Popular Parquet Flooring Patterns

When thinking of parquet flooring, you are most probably envisioning the beautiful antique French chateaux and their wooden floors with a lot of character, distinctive beauty and elegance. And you are completely right to imagine all this since parquet flooring is initially created for the properties of French royalties and wealthy ones sometime in the 16th century. Despite being associated with an old-world charm, parquet patterns are making their big comeback in recent years. Presented in a new, more modern yet still very classic way, parquet patterns tend to get mixed and matched in a variety of interiors – from vintage-inspired, through Scandinavian simplicity with Hygge vibes, to cutting-edge modern. If you want to dive into this world of as beautiful as a piece of art wood flooring, be sure to check out this shortlist of top five popular parquet patterns and get some inspiration on how to incorporate them into your interior.

The main reason why parquet flooring is gaining more and more popularity in recent years is that of the impressive variety of unique patterns and styles you can achieve with the help of professional fitting help and a dash of imagination.

No matter if you are going for a classic appearance or rather unleashing your unique ideas, you can make your floor a focal point of the space.

parquet blocks arranged in chevron

However, when it comes to parquet, you can be sure that you are ahead of a challenge. Keeping in mind that an expert, experienced help and a lot of craftsmanship is much needed, in case you want to ensure a smooth-running installation process and best final results. By the end of the day, it all worth it, because no other flooring alternative could ever conquer the artistic appearance of the parquet blocks.

Normally, people prefer them installed in larger rooms since this option could be a bit too engaging, chaotic and overwhelming for a smaller space. However, in case you manage to find the right pattern that does not make the room appear too cluttered and less spacious, you can get everything you want.

In order to assist you in making the best choice, here is a brief guide to top five most beautiful and most popular parquet flooring patterns:

  1. Herringbone – In case you want to achieve the ultimate parquet appearance, the herringbone pattern is the way to go, as this is the most popular one. Creating a sophisticated and elegant room is easy with a herringbone pattern, which inspires more than the flooring industry. Herringbone is achieved by laying the wooden planks in rectangles, each one of them placed at a 90-degree angle for this broken zig-zag effect.parquet blocks fit in herringbone pattern
  2. Double Herringbone – To spice up this pattern, even more, double herringbone is created to add even more sophisticated style and beauty to every room. As you may guess, the concept of the double herringbone is exactly the same one as the single one, however, in this case, the planks are doubled with a bigger focus on the pattern. While many people are concerned that parquet is recommended for larger rooms only, if you make sure you are choosing the right pattern, even a small room can appear more spacious. Diagonal designs are the best option for achieving this effect. Diagonal herringbone is a good solution. It is installed the same way as the classic one, with the only difference of the pattern going diagonally across the room.
  3. Chevron – it is, in fact, very similar to herringbone. Unlike herringbone, chevron planks are cut at an angle for creating a sharp arrow point. Similarly to herringbone, chevron can be laid diagonally or parallel to the wall. One important thing you want to be aware of, before planning to invest in a chevron parquet floor is that this pattern is usually more expensive to be achieved, considering the attention to detail needed for cutting the planks at the right angle and the more time-consuming installation process. However, it all worth it at the end, because chevron floors are successfully withstanding the challenges of fast-changing trends throughout the centuries.blocks cut and arranged in chevron
  4. Basket Weave – As the name suggests, basket weave is an intriguing and unique pattern achieved by arranging geometrically cut wooden blocks. Just like the other two ideas mentioned, basket weave can be installed parallel or diagonally, depending on your preferences and what layout is the best for the room. Although basket weave pattern is usually created by wood in one colour, if you want to spice up the design and make it even more unique and intriguing, you can decide to play around with two or more colours. However, keep in mind that this will increase the price of fitting.wood flooring laid in basket weave
  5. Brick – The name of this parquet pattern is pretty self-explanatory since the wooden planks are arranged in a way to mimic traditional brickwork. This option is great, if you want to own a parquet flooring, but are not keen on the more engaging and complicated alternatives, since a brick pattern is very simple and effortless. The brick pattern can ensure an outstanding appearance of the floor if different shades of wood are integrated.brick pattern of parquet flooring