Project: Restoration Of Solid Oak Flooring

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Before The Works

Refitting damaged floorboards, sanding and varnishing is what we are good at because we do it with passion and love. This project is a good example of how our work is actually a craft of transformation that brongs happiness to both us and most importantly our clients. A recently purchased property was lacking charm and shine untill our floormen brought the life back of the beautiful wood flooring.

How We Did It...

As a property that the customers had just bought, there was no furniture, which made the whole floor restoration process much easier and quicker. The worn out sealant of the floors was removed by the skillful and precise sanding of our floor sanders. Flooring was then sealed with hardwearing water based varnish which has a quick drying time, so the property was ready to be used very soon. The happy new owners were delighted with the new look of their old floors and even more excited to move into their new flat with astonishing renovated floors.