Project: Parquet Flooring Restoration

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Before The Works

When the owner of the house initially contacted us he was not quite sure what was the type of the flooring under his carpets. When our surveyor visited the property for a free quotation, the owner was pleased to understand that it was indeed parquet flooring that was hidden under the carpets. We carefully planned the conduct of this project to ensure that the precious parquet flooring is skillfully yrestored to its previous beauty. The very first step was to remove and dispose the existing carpets, which allowed for a better assessment of the condition of the parquet flooring. It turned out that there were a few parquet blocks which were badly damaged and needed to be replaced. Thanks to our experienced floormen, we managed to find reclaimed parquet blocks which perfectly matched the size and type of the parquet blocks on site.

How We Did It...

Once the preparatory stage was completed, we commenced the floor repair stage of restoration, which involved replacement of damaged parquet blocks with the matching reclaimed blocks that we had supplied. They were fitted to perfectly match the pattern on the floors and to provide the needed stability. Following this and with the use of Bona Belt Sanders, we carefully sanded the whole area to ensure smooth and uniform surface. The next stage involved gap filling done with the use of resin filler which was mixed with the fine saw dust which was carefully collected during the fine sanding. This ensured that the colour of the gap filling mixture perfectly matched the colour of the flooring. The final stage consisted of sealing the parquet flooring with three coats of hard-wearing water based varnish. We used Bona Mega in satin finish, which was our customer's choice. After the final coat had dried the flooring looked absolutely amazing. Both we and the owner of the house were extremely pleased with how we managed to transform the damaged and hidden oak parquet flooring into a beautiful jewel.