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Engineered Wood Flooring

We provide local repairs for tongue-and-groove and click system engineered flooring planks. All major brands included - Boen, Kahrs, Elka, QuickStep and more

Our team of professionals have proven over the years, that with the necessary experience, highly skilled staff and a great understanding of the area, we can deliver the professional wood floor repairs service.

restoration of rhodesian engineered floorAccidents happen, but they can also be fixed. This is where our repair of engineered wood flooring service comes handy.

Repairs to Click System Engineered Flooring

Engineered wood flooring comes in two standard nowadays – up to 15 mm and over 15 mm of thickness. The 14/15 mm standard is 90% click system, which unfortunately can't be locally repaired. The floors would need to come out, up to the point of damage and fit back to the walls. This is due to the desing of the click system planks, which can only hold each other through it.

Repairs to Tongue & Groove Planks

All engineered flooring with over 15 mm thickness of the plank, as a standard comes as tongue and groove planks. This type of system allows local replacement of planks and in case of an accident or minor leak, replacement of a number of planks is possible without affecting the rest of the flooring.repairs of engineered wood flooring

This is all possible when exact the match of additional the flooring is available. As a wood floor specialists we do pride in recognising many of the product on the marker, but not all. Therefore we will always rely on our client's effort for sourcing spare flooring for the repairs prior to engaging ourselves with that.

Repairs to Glue-Down Floor Installations

The work can become more complicated if your engineered flooring is glued-down, not every fitter will feel comfortable and take such jobs. But all our fitters are perfectly trained to provide you with the service.

Even though engineered floors are designed for the DIY market, we do not recommend repairing it yourself, you may end up damaging more than repairing and that will double the costs.

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