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Scratch Repair Service

We can do local repair of scratches and scuffs on lacquered and oiled wooden floors

scratch repair services for wood flooring

You know how fragile your wood flooring can be when it comes to scratches, spills or other accidents. Nobody wants scratches on the floor, so this is where our wood floor scratch repair service comes very useful to our clients. We often get calls from people, who have recently installed new floors, but unfortunately their newly laid floors have experienced an accident.

Your floor surface can have scratches, scuffs or indentation but don’t worry, we can take care of them!

Scratches can damage the surface of your floors and sometimes go deeper into the timber. Even though they are the most visible damage on the floor we know various ways of masking and resealing scratches without the need for overall wood floor sanding.

Scuffs are usually the first indication of the floor finish wearing. They show up on lacquered finish floors over the time and are caused by heavy traffic, moving wheeled furniture or just walking with shoes. Our special Wood Floor Clean and Polish service is specifically designed for that purpose. With occasional cleaning and polishing you can successfully maintain the protective varnish sealant and keep your floors shiny for longer.

Indentations are almost always caused by high heels or falling objects. They are usually very hard to remove without sanding and resealing because they damage the finish.

To avoid the appearance of scratches on your wooden floors, always use protective furniture pads for your sofas, chairs, tables and other furniture items.


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