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Bona Launches New FlexiSand Sanding Machine

Bona Launches New FlexiSand Sanding Machine

01 Sep, '14

Bona has launched the new version of Bona FlexiSand machine - the "Bona FlexiSand PD 1.5" with its powerful 1500w engine revolutionises wood floor sanding with its extra and unique power drive plate featuring four separately driven heads.

In UK the machine will be supplied with a standard drive pad for use with 407 mm pads when light sanding or for buffing application of stains or oils, as well the Bona 4-head  power drive plate, which can be used with 150 mm discs to make all sanding back to bare wood or finsihing jobs easier. 

The machine takes advantage as well of a useful biult-in front lights.