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Refinishing for Residential Floors

refinishing service tailored for residential areas

The true beauty of hardwood flooring lies in its ability to look attractive even years after its initial installation. Where a vinyl or laminate will last a decade or two, a solid hardwood can go as far as a hundred years. The reason for this incredible longevity is called floor restoration. Floor restoration allows even a very distressed surface to be repaired, sanded, stained and refinished in order to restore its good looks and fine appearance. This is a great advantage, especially in high traffic areas or places where we usually use to impress friends, guests or just random visitors. One sanding procedure and our 10 years old floor is rid of any dents, scratches or food and liquid spills, revealing smooth and unblemished surface.

We Focus on Residential Floor Sanding

Restored the flawless appearance of pine floorboards installation

vSanding can be performed everywhere – from large commercial projects to small private residences. While we value equally both types of customers, the bulk of our work is performed in homes. Over our long years of work in the flooring industry, we have not simply become even batter craftsmen, we have also learned to understand the needs of the customers and how to provide them with a service which will leave them happy.

What makes our services different from the rest? Well, if we have to summarise, we can put it like this - We are floor sanding professionals who know not only to treat their floors but how to treat their customers as well. In order to achieve this goal, we have created helpful customer service which can provide advice and free quotation to anyone who requests help. We also did not become experts overnight. In addition to our considerable personal experience, people in our ranks have participated in the Bona Certified Craftsmen program which grants certain certificates. Those certificates serve as a guarantees person in front of you really is an expert instead of just claiming to be one. Never hurts to be sure, does it?

Floor Restoration Is Hard Work. We Can Make It Easy for You

Removing the surface from a wooden floor is not easy, only those who have never done it claim the opposite. It is often accompanied with some inconveniences. Our team does its utmost best to minimise the impact of those inconveniences and provide tolerable if not outright pleasant experience. One popular myth, for example, is that sanding involves a lot of dust. Well … it does. But in truth, it doesn’t if you hire people who know their trade and use professional dust-free sanding equipment. People like us. Is it truly dust-free? Sadly, no, we can trap above 90% of the dust in vacuum bags and leave very little for cleaning. Believe us, it is far, far better than the mess people usually associate with the words “floor sanding”.

The kitchen in a flat after floor renovation procedures

Our services are reliable, convenient and professional, the customer service we provide is excellent. Our prices are fair. We are the best choice for the floor restoration project in your home. Each year we provide over a thousand homes with quotations and complete floor restoration services in hundreds of London homes.

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