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Restoration for Pub Wood Floors

wood floor restoration for pubs

The secret of a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in a pub lies in the wooden flooring. Wood flooring can make the place livelier or relaxing and laid-back, depending on its natural (or man-made) colour, pattern and texture. Today’s wooden floor market is offering floor designs in such a great variety, from classic and traditional to extra modern and stylish and everything in between. So no one will ever blame you for choosing to have a wooden floor installed at a pub. No matter if you are going after a more fancier and non-traditional for such a place look, or you are all up to the traditional, dark and enigmatic charm of classic pubs, wooden flooring is, hands down, always playing the role of the best possible background! So do not worry about matching the wooden floor with the colour of the beer served and simply enjoy the elegance, distinctive style, durability and easy to maintain nature of the real wood floor!

old pub wooden floor before our restoration service

Despite the fact that wooden floors are naturally highly durable, long-lasting and hard-wearing when installed in commercial premises, such as pubs, wooden floors are often a subject of a great wear and tear and other imperfections. No matter how thorough your cleaning and maintenance routine is, the extensive level of everyday use, the high traffic and heavy footfall are surely leaving their footprints on your lovely wooden floor and soon or later you will find yourself in a need of a professional and experienced renovation or refreshment service. Do not hesitate to consider one, when you start noticing that your wooden floor is no more holding on to its initial glory, glamour and brilliance. Wood floor restoration and thorough maintenance services are much needed in the life of every wooden floor, commercial wooden floors are falling into need a lot quicker though.

Great Variety Of Wood Floor Restoration Services

Wooden floors are an all-time favourite of many people because they come with the opportunity to be restored to their initial beauty and their condition could be improved over and over again, not just once or twice. There is a vast variety of maintenance and restoration services, from these that offer just a slight ‘face lift’ and deal with small imperfections to those that are hardcore and tackle down very serious problems and issues.

  • Wood floor sanding – Sanding is one of the most popular and beneficial services that provide maintenance and care for wooden floors. The sanding process consists of removing the layer of old, dirty and dull flooring finish. When needed and depending on the bare wood’s thickness, condition and age, a slight layer of the bare wood’s surface could be removed to throughout the sanding process, for removing all imperfections that penetrate through the finish and occur the bare wood, as well as for minimizing the risk of these issues and imperfections grow bigger and get more serious. Wood floor sanding is both highly recommended for newly installed and unfinished floors as well as for older floors. Real wood floors can be sanded up to 4-5 times in their lifecycle. Engineered wood can be sanded too.
  • Wood floor sealing/refinishing – Followed by wood floor sealing or refinishing, the sanding process is opening the pores of the wood, so the sealing/finishing product can soak into the wood’s structure and guarantee protection and preservation of the colour and texture from within and on the surface too. Never plan a refinishing service before having a sanding service delivered first because if there are any imperfections in the surface of the floor, the new layers of finish will highlight them all.
  • Wood floor repairs and restoration – While sanding and sealing are recommended for a slight maintenance and improvements, repairs and restorations are the hardcore care and they enter the scene whenever there are more serious and risky situations. Repairs vary from gap filling to restoration of loose, broken, cupped or ballooned boards, etc.

Why Consider a Professional Restoration Service For Pub Wood Floors?

A proper and good wood flooring maintenance in pubs is equal to performing wood floor restoration services once every four to six months. The maintenance schedule is a bit tighter when it comes to commercial wooden floors like those installed in pubs because they have their great deal in getting a lot of high traffic and heavy footfall. As a pub manager, your main mission is to find a reliable and experienced professional wood floor restoration contractor, but also a contractor that has a great understanding of how business works. To be wise with business means to be able to provide high-quality services that only contribute and benefit to other’s services. 

Pub floor restoration service

Flexible working schedule and time management is a necessity and includes night shifts and weekend work that will speed up delivering the service and helping you be back in business very soon with minimal disruption.

Our service package includes obligation free site visit available six days a week, plus a thorough quotation. Call us for a free advice on 020 70360610 or 0800 0434359 and member of our team will be happy to help you with more information about our services or book a site visit in convenient for you time.



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