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Floorboards Restoration

Transform your original pine floorboards sanding with our floor restoration, staining, gap filling and repair services

Floorboards sanding is one of our most common services. With original pine floorboards laid as subfloor back in 20th and 19th century, the floorboards have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years for restoration.

Should I Restore My Pine Floorboards?

Seasoned pine can come out as a beautiful asset of your property. The pine, however, is a softwood and can suffer quite a bit of wearing over the years if it has been exposed for use already. If you or previous owners have sanded the boards already, it is important to check whether their condition is good enough for taking more sanding.

In most homes, when the original floorboards were laid, they were approximately 20 mm thick. Each round of sanding reduces this thickness and it is considered that thickness of 15 mm should be the point where no further floor sanding should be excersised and instead - new wood planks should be laid on top.

Any defects and damaged boards can be easily replaced - we can supply and install reclaimed or seasoned pine floorboards, which would matching your existing flooring. It is part of floorboards repairs service to improve the condition of your floors prior to restoring it, with a supply of floorboards matching the age and size of your existing boards or refitting any loose boards.

Beauty of Restored Pine Floorboards

There is nothing comparable to a restored aged pine flooring. We invite you to visit our sanding gallery for inspiration and ideas.

Staining floorboards can also be considered and it will increase your view of the interior ideas - dark shades, medium or why not a white-wash or grey finished floorboards. As pine can vary in colour like no other wood, we always recommend staining samples to be provided on your own floors. And be assured, with our service you choose an extensive range of colours to play with - learn more about wood floor staining services.

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Gap Filling Floorboards

Floorboards, unlike contemporary wooden planks does not offer any fitting method that helps them sit solidly together. With the time, the ageing pine shrinks and leaves gaps between the boards. This slight imperfection of the original Victorian pine floorboards is easily resolved with our gap filling service.

Gaps in the size of up to 5 mm are filled with a mixture of saw-and-resin. Saw dust, collected from sanding the floors is mixed with clear resin, specifically produced for this service. The end result is quick drying putty, which applied throughout the floors, will provide our wanted gap filling solution.

Wider gaps are usually treated first with wooden slivers, fit between the boards, or if the layout of the boards allows, moving the boards closely would resolve the issue permanently without the need of gap filling.

Gap filling flooringboards is often considered as a measure for the draft and thermal insulation, especially for ground floors. It should not, however, bet treated as a sound-proofing solution. original pine floorboards after refinishing

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