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Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor restoration can be a quite pleasant line of service for our experts. This is where our service competes with speed and quality of finish at the same time.

Once the existing sealant is removed, solid wood floors should not be left long unsealed as they may absorb moisture from the environment. This is especially of importance for autumn and winter seasons, as well as properties going through complete renovation.

Removed surface from hardwood floor

Although we see more and more hardwood floors, replaced by engineered flooring - the demand for hardwood will remain. The demand for restoration services, however, will not suffer decline for a long time to come, as the solid wood flooring can remain as a property asset for hundreds of years.

Our hardwood floor sanding service is quite popular with schools, gyms, sport halls, museums and office premises. Among the flooring types, we have refinished are the most popular and not so popular species - oak, walnut, maple, ash, merbau, jarrah, teak and more.

Junckers Flooring Restoration

We have to outline the skills of Junckers hardwood flooring restoration, which we carry. Not entirely for the sanding process, which does not differ much of the sanding of any other solid wood floor. But mainly due to its unique floating installation, where skills and understanding of the product are required for a successful restoration of Junckers project that includes repairs and part replacements.

Our service package includes obligation free site visit available six days a week, plus a thorough quotation. Call us for a free advice on 020 70360610 or 0800 0434359 and member of our team will be happy to help you with more information about our services or book a site visit in convenient for you time.

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