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The Exclusive Wood Floor Finishes By WOCA

The Exclusive Wood Floor Finishes By WOCA

WOCA No1 - Evolution or Revolution?

WOCA is a well-known and respected manufacturer of wood care products with a heavy focus on wood oils. It has been hinted for some time that the Danish are working on something really big. A project which is supposed to offer unmatched quality when it comes to the care and protection of wooden floors. It has finally arrived and the hype is real!sample after applying grey active stain on wood

What Is No1?

Advertised as 'The world’s most exclusive wood care system!' No1 is a series of wood care products designed to be something revolutionary in the floor maintenance branch. The most prominent of those are the No1 Wood Floor Oil and No1 Wood Floor Lacquer. According to WOCA this range utilizes the latest technology for neutral and mat finish which will provide the following:

  • Easy workarounds matter to you
  • Superior durability
  • Lacquer with a self-matting effect
  • Products with a high green profile
  • Unique soft feel effect

What Makes No1 Oil Special?

The unique technology behind No1 Wood Floor Oil is something never seen before. It’s called Hyper Cross Linking. There is no need to explain the complicated chemical process. It is enough to say that it allows the oil to soak into the pores and fibres of the wood like no other product on the market and, as a result, improve every defensive property the regular oil offers.

Wood naturally swells when absorbing moisture and shrinks when drying. No1 limits that shrinking more than the regular oils hardens the wood better and offer increased water- repellence. On top of this, the amount of solvent in it is small and the odour is minimal. It works on all wood species. The oil itself is crystal clear and the new raw material used to make it ensures it is the strongest single component oil today.

wood plank sealed with diamond oil by woca

Is The WOCA No1 Lacquer Truly No1?

This product is supposed to combine the best this brand can offer and it is not a small thing too, given that they have more than 40 years of experience in the business. Many people prefer lacquers over oils because lacquers provide better durability. There are, however, downsides. The problem is that many dislike the 'plastic' look the wood receives after being finished with such a product. No1 Lacquer is a is supposed to provide a soft feel, invisible look and self-matting effect not seen before and eliminate this problem forever. It is a two component polyurethane product and those are arguably the most durable type of finish available right now.

WOCA has certainly put a lot of effort in advertising it’s new series of products. It is without a doubt an ambitious project which, if successful will change a lot of things in the floor care and maintenance business.