Project: Restoration of 3-Strip Engineered Oak Flooring

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Before The Works

Our client was initially unsure about whether their 3-strip engineered flooring could be sanded and renovated at all. At our free site visit they were very pleased to hear that the top layer of their oak engineered flooring had never been sanded before and that we could happily restore it.

How We Did It...

The initial careful examination of this 14 mm engineered wooden flooring planks showed that the plank comes with 3 mm oak top layer and it was never sanded before.

It is quite unusual for a 3-strip flooring product to be in thickness different from 14 mm and was expected by our team that for such product, it will have 3 mm top layer.

All 14 mm engineered planks would normally come with 3 mm top layer, however there are some products on the marker, which come in 2 mm as well. Both thicknesses allow at least 1 floor sanding, unless the level of the floors is uneven.

After the floor sanding of this engineered oak flooring was completed it was sealed with Junchers HP Commercial Laquer in satin finish, which provides exceptional level of durability. This project was an excellent example of astonishing transformation of scratched 3-strip engineered flooring into a stunning beauty.