Project: Original Floorboards Restoration & Fireplace Heart Restitching

  • floorboards sanded & sealed #1

  • floorboards sanded & sealed #2

  • floorboards sanded & sealed #3

  • fireplace heart restitched #4

  • fireplace heart removed #5

  • floorboards sanded & sealed 1
  • floorboards sanded & sealed 2
  • floorboards sanded & sealed 3
  • fireplace heart restitched 4
  • fireplace heart removed 5

Before The Works

After one of our site visits in Wandsworth, we were asked to restore the beauty of the existing floorboards along with removal of repairs, which included removal of a fireplace heart.

While we get such requests regularly, we approach each and every project with particular care and precise planning to ensure that the floor restoration service is tailored to the customer's particular needs.

The customer was not entirely sure whether to go for floor varnishing or to rather choose an oil-based sealant for their wooden floors. After a discussion with us where we explained in details the advantages and disadvantages of both options, the customer was able to make a better informed decision and chose to go for a satin varnish finish, as they wanted to achieve a beautiful shiny look as well as strong durability

How We Did It...

Once all the details were confirmed with our client, we were ready to commence the floor restoration works starting with floorboards refitting and repairs.

As initially advised during the site visit, there were some loose floorboards which needed to be re-fitted before the actual sanding began.

Major focus of the repair works was the removal of the concrete fireplace heart and extending the boards seemingly, as it was never there.

With the use of our dust-free floor sanding machines from Bona and thanks to our skilfull floormen, the floors were soon ready to be sealed.

Careful application of a primer, followed by 2 coats of Junckers HP Commercial lacquer in satin finish was all that was needed before the area was transformed into a beautiful place leaving a long lasting impression.