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Floorboards Repairs

In our floorboard repairs we always use seasoned pine or reclaimed victorian floorboards

  • Original Floorboard Repairs - Fireplace Heart Removal
  • Fireplace Heart Restitching
  • Original Floorboard Repairs

    You have damaged or missing floorboards or you may want to remove a fireplace and completely remove the heart like it was never there before?

    This is all included our floor repair services! We have partnered with suppliers of reclaimed floorboards and parquet blocks, to be able to match planks and blocks whatever their age and size is. You can leave it to us, getting the perfect colour and size match. We try to surpass your expectations and you won't even notice where the replaced boards are.

    Don't try and repair them by yourself, but trust an experienced company with a well-established name and clients that can provide you with an excellent service. Our floor men are fully- licensed with an appropriate machinery and skills to take a good care of your floorboards.

    We offer other types of repair services in accordance with your demand and needs – from replacing wood floor boards and staining, to gap filling, wood floor sanding and sealing, we can assure you that all are done with cutting edge technology and master skills of out floor fitters. We've been around for years, which have guaranteed us loyal clients that are ready to trust us numerous times with any type of flooring work.restoration of pine floorboards

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