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Re-Oiling Wooden Floors

Preserve the natural beauty of your wooden floors with our re-oiling service! We can restore and protect the colour of white oiled or grey washed floors as well.

Re-Oiling Wooden Floors Why Re-Oiling Wooden Floors

Many wooden floor owners prefer oil as a finish due to its natural feel and for the oil's main benefit – it can be reapplied multiple times without sanding. Oil based products soak into the wood itself and offer in-depth protection but at the same time don’t protect the surface as well as lacquers do. It is a good choice when you want to go for a specific look or to repel water.

As a trusted provider of floor restoration services and products, at FloorWorks we use selected quality oil-based sealants. These include Osmo, Ciranova and Blanchon.

If you have your wooden floors finished in oil / hard wax oil, they will require a maintenance coat to be applied every 16 - 24 months for residential or 6-8 month for commercial use floors.

What You Need to Know About Oiled Floors

Dust and dirt are your enemies. Clean by sweeping and vacuuming often. Also, while oils can indeed help protect against water, never use a lot of it when cleaning no matter what kind of floor or type of finish. A damp mop is fine, wet isn’t. Any spilling, be it food or liquid can result in damage or stain so wipe spills as soon as possible.

Re-Oiling Wooden Floors with Osmo Polyx Oil The Actual Process of Re-Oiling

You can re-oil without sanding, but it entirely depends on the amount of wear and tear the floor has suffered. If the wearing is minor, you will be fine by just having your floor buffed. Buffing is when any small scratches and dents are removed with a specialised buffing machine. Think of it as a sanding lite. In either case, no furniture must be present in the room before beginning.

The first thing to do is to make sure the floor is clean. Neutral floor cleaner or warm water will do just fine. As mentioned before, an excessive amount of water will do more harm than good. A damp rag or mop is perfectly fine.

When buffing, we use some of the finer grits (120). The use of professional equipment is not even mandatory yet doing it by hand will take a lot more effort.

After the sanding/buffing is complete the dust accumulated during the process must be vacuumed. Special attention must be paid to gaps between floor boards because they naturally tend to collect more.

The re-oiling itself is a rather straightforward task. It’s best applied with a pile roller, a brush for harder to reach places and a bucket for the finish. Usually, two coats of hardwax oil are enough to do an acceptable job but third won’t hurt.

Re-Oiling at The Right Time Saves You Money

Wood floor re-oiling a service you should be looking for before you floor has suffered from wear and tear for a prolonged period of time. When using oil based finish, you must be aware it requires relatively often and regular maintenance. If you wait for too long and the floors ger badly scratched adn damaged, you might need an overall floor sanding and resealing instead. Re-oiling does not require a lot of time and planning, just call us on 020 38838044 or 0800 0239197 and we will perform the procedure easily and professionally.