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Because, sometimes it is just easier to ask...

Hi, my name is Mr Sanders. I have been doing wooden floors for while and maybe I can help with question you can have. If I don't know the answer, I can always ask my other flooring friends ;)

  • B Hayden

    Croydon, 2019

    Can You Help With Restoration of Stairs and Banisters?

    I am in a process of restoring my wooden floors and I am considering whether it is a good idea to redo the stairs as well. Is this possible and can you help?


    • Mr Sanders

      Sanding stairs and banisters is not an easy thing to do and it is very time consuming as it is mainly done manually.  However, it is possible to do, considering you have the right skills. Otherwise, this is better left to a professional company to do as it might turn to be very expensive to rectify if not done properly. Stairs are usually exposed to higher levels of foot traffic, so hardwearing varnish is a recommended type of sealant.


  • G Lacey

    Bromley, 2016

    Can I Change the Colour on My Wooden Stairs?

    Is it possible to stain the wood on my stairs or is this something that is only done on wooden floors? Thank you!

    • Mr Sanders

      Staining is applicable on solid wood, regardless of whether it is on stairs or wider flooring areas.