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Because, sometimes it is just easier to ask...

Hi, my name is Mr Sanders. I have been doing wooden floors for while and maybe I can help with question you can have. If I don't know the answer, I can always ask my other flooring friends ;)

  • S Murray

    Surrey, 2019

    Can You Install Reclaimed Parquet Blocks in My House?


    A friend of mine recently offered to give me his reclaimed parquet flooring blocks which he replaced for solid wood and no longer needs. Some a damaged, but most of them are in a relatively good condition. They have black resin so I am not sure if they can be re-used?

    • Mr Sanders

      Installation of reclaimed parquet blocks, particularly ones that have been previously installed using black resin are very difficult to re-use and re-install. They also need a fair amount of work to be done to clean them and prepare them before they can be re-fitted. This makes the whole process very time consuming and hence very expensive.

      Therefore, you might be better off buying and getting new parquet flooring installed.

      Also, bear in mind that installation of reclaimed parquet flooring may not result in a smooth and uniform appearance which you get with new parquet blocks.

      Therefore, while we can install reclaimed parquet flooring, we would strongly advise you to first consider the option of having new parquet blocks, which may be cheaper and better option.



  • P Kody

    Luton, 2019

    Can You Install Reclaimed Pine Floorboards?

    I have carpet flooring in my house, but I want to remove it and have some reclaimed pine floorboards installed instead. Is this possible at all? I think that the subfloor is concrete. I see that some reclamation yards offer reclaimed pine boards at a good price and I love how restored pine boards look, so any help would be great.

    • Mr Sanders


      while you are absolutely right that restored pine floorboards look stunning once they are sanded and varnished, I am afraid we cannot install pine floorboards throughout your floors. Pine floorboards can be purchased from reclamation yards and we regularly do so when a replacement of existing board is required during the floor repair service. However, if you need installation of flooring throughout your property, we would advise you to consider solid wood, engineered wood or parquet flooring instead.

      I hope that this helps.


  • N Hamilton

    Romford, 2015

    Can I Have Underfloor Heating Under Parquet Flooring?

    I am thinking if installing parquet flooring in my house, but I was wondering whether I can have underfloor heating under it?

    • Mr Sanders

      While there are many underfloor heating products on the market today, the general advice is that underfloor heating requires either engineered wood or appropriate laminated flooring above it. Solid wood flooring, including parquet blocks, is too thick to allow the heath underneath to come through and it is therefore not possible to install above underfloor heating. The other reason for this is that flooring needs to be installed as "floating" above underfloor heating, usually with the use of a click system, where parquet flooring needs to be glued-down.


  • M Logan

    Romford, 2019

    Can You Use Reclaimed Parquet Blocks for Fireplace Replacement?

    I have a fireplace heart in my room, which I need to remove and replace with parquet blocks matching the flooring in the rest of the room. I have some reclaimed blocks, but they have bitumen on the back.  Once fitted, I want the whole floor sanded and re-varnished. Is this something you can do for me?

    • Mr Sanders

      Hi and thank you for contacting us regarding parquet flooring restoration. Fireplace removal and extension with reclaimed parquet blocks is definitely something we can help with. This is a regular service that often goes with our floor restoration services. However, you mention that you would like to use your reclaimed parquet blocks, which have bitumen on the back. Bear in mind that it is often very difficult to remove the bitumen, so we might need to supply some additional reclaimed parquet blocks, matching the size of your flooring and use them instead. After the floor extension, a complete sanding and re-varnishing will provide a beautiful and new look to your parquet flooring.