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How To Choose A Reliable Floor Sanding Contractor

How To Choose A Reliable Floor Sanding Contractor

Wood flooring services are not rocket science, this is for sure. However, this is also a field in the industry that requires a lot of narrow knowledge, a good training and a lot of experience, so each service could be delivered smoothly and effectively and, most importantly, deliver the best results in relation with the overall condition of the wooden floor and its owner’s requirements, needs and preferences. This is why, neither minor, nor major wood flooring projects should be a subject of DIY-ing and they all require professional assistance and performance. Considering that is half of the job, finding the best and most reliable professional wood floor service contractor is the other, most important half. Today we would like to discuss the topic and help you make the best choice, whether your wooden floor is in need of a quick spot repair, you are planning installation, you need an effective sanding and refinishing service, or just someone to inspect the overall condition of your floor.

Before carrying out with the basic things and abilities you need to look for in a sanding service contractor, in order to ensure that your project is carried by reliable team and the final outcome will meet your requirements, we would like to explain you how you can recognise that your wood floor is in need of a refinishing service, because this is the most common wood flooring service you will be in need of. Of course, hiring a professional to inspect and evaluate the overall condition of your wooden floor is the best thing you can do, however, if this is not possible for some reason, here is…

How To Tell That Your Wooden Floor Needs To Be Refinished

Since recognising whether or not your floor is in need of refinishing and refreshing facelift service could be a dicey business, because of that we would be happy to provide you with some guidelines.

  • For a start, we recommend you to find this part of your floor that gets the most of high traffic and heavy footfall. This is the best area to start with, because the finish there is expected to be worn off the most and where there is a higher risk of issues and imperfections to happen.
  • Then pour a tablespoon of clear water onto this section of the floor and review what is happening next. If little drops of water form on the surface, then your finish is still in a good condition and a refinishing service is not a necessity at the moment. However, if the water soaks into wood quickly, then the finish is already wearing thin in this area and probably refinishing is a necessity. If the water penetrates into wood quickly and leaves a dark stain, then the finish is completely worn and your floor is in a really serious need of refinishing.
  • Next, if any water remains on the surface, be sure to wipe it off with a cloth to prevent further damage. You can also repeat the water test onto other areas of the floor.
  • Then, you can check the thickness of your wooden floor, then find two boards that meet imperfectly with a groove between them and insert a business card between by pushing it as far as it will go. Mark with a pencil on the card, where the top of the floor hits. This test helps you measure the depth of the crack on your floor. In case the mark on the card is less than 3-4 inch, then we recommend you to hire a professional to refinish your floor.

wood flooring with damaged surface and outworn finish

How To Find a Reliable And Trustworthy Contractor

In order to be sure that a floor sanding contractor is reliable and will deliver a quality job, ensure flawless final results and a smooth-running process, here are the five main things to keep your eyes pealed for:

  • Reviews and testimonials – This is probably what most of you start with no matter the service they need. It’s unnecessary to explain the advantages of learning about other people experience with this company, but our advice is to try to separate the genuine reviews from the artificial ones. This is easy, you can just check if the profile of the reviewers looks authentic.
  • The website – Try to search for more information about their history, certificates and experience. In the wood floor restoration branch the finished projects are talking enough about the skills and the craftsmanship of the team behind them.
  • Detailed written price quote – In order to have the peace of mind that everything will be ok and you will be delivered with the smooth-running wood flooring service you are paying for, a reliable flooring professional contractor should be able to provide you with a detailed written price quote that includes all services and resources needed for your wooden floor to look amazing back again. Just make sure that all little services are included, as previously discussed with the contractor. However, along the service, sometimes happen that unexpected treatments, repairs and fixes are needed, so allow freedom for these to be included, but only after discussed with you – whether these are needed, why and how much will these cost. A written quote will work as a contract between you and the wood flooring contractor that will regulate and monitor the whole process. A good and reliable floor sanding contractor has nothing to hide from you and will be more than happy to provide you with a written quote.
  • The machines used by the company – This is important, it’s good to know that the latest equipment can achieve more efficient results. You probably are asking how to know if these sanders are good or not, it’s enough if they are from well-known brands, this can be considered as a proof of quality. Another thing good to know about the equipment is that nowadays every self-respected and established contractor is using dust-free machines.
  • The finishing product – Even if the fitters transform your flooring successfully if they don’t use a high-quality sealant these results won’t be kept for a long time. The main purpose of the finishes is to create a protective film covering the surface of your flooring, as you can suggest if they are with lower quality, they will wear faster and easier. Most of the issues that can ruin the appearance of a wooden floor are usually visible in the top layer of the finish. If you have the option to choose the product on your own, brands like Kahrs, Bona, WOCA, Junckers or Osmo won’t disappoint you.