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Choosing The Right Wood Species For Your Flooring

Choosing The Right Wood Species For Your Flooring

A wood floor installation is a great project to invest into. Wooden floors are popular for their durability, hard-wearing and long-lasting power. Wood is naturally very hygienic and does not attract too much dust and dirt, unlike many other flooring options. They are easy to maintain in perfect condition, all you need is a regular, but simple cleaning routine and some professional treatments like floor sanding and refinishing every now and then. Finally, wooden floors breath life into every space, bringing in a lot of natural beauty, cosiness, warmth and elegance. There is nothing to not love about wood flooring and a wood flooring fitting is yet another home improvement service you would definitely like to consider.

In case you want to transform a room, or the entire appearance of your home, installation of real wood flooring is the way to do it. A new hardwood flooring is going to add a lot of value to your home or workplace, ensure a very distinctive and elegant style, but also a lot of functionality and comfort. Despite the fact that all wooden floors look amazing and worth all the money. However, there are specific wood flooring options that are going to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences better than others, so before planning and staarting the wood floor fitting project, considering the right wood species for your needs and requirements is essential. Choosing the right wood species could be difficult, but not if you have the opportunity to get a professional guidance and we are about to recommend you a few tips and tricks today, so make sure to keep reading!

Today’s wood flooring market is offering a very vast and diverse spectrum of wood species choices and options. Depending on your lifestyle, needs, desires and personal style, there is something to completely and entirely meet your preferences and needs, so make sure to take your time and do your research, before the floor fitting project has started. From ash, cherry, beech and birch to jarrah, jatoba, maple and oak, there are many popular and non-popular, domestic and exotic wood species that deserve your attention and deserve considering them for your floor installation project. Whenever you are trying to make a sustainable and effective choice over the right wood species for you, there are a few questions worth considering too and these will help you narrow down your choice to the best options for you possible.

wood flooring from oak

What is your budget?

Of course, your budget is amongst the most important questions you need to consider before purchasing a wooden floor and planning the floor fitting project. Being aware of your budget and keeping in account all the additional costs and charges along the way, plus the expenses linked to the installation project, will help you a lot to narrow down your options and choice. In fact, there are some wood species that are significantly more expensive than others, while the more popular wood species such as ash, oak, beech and birch come on a more affordable price and could fit into a tighter budget. Spending a lot of money to have a beautiful and high-quality wooden floor is not a necessity and you can enjoy the wood’s aesthetic at a very reasonable price. Of course, the main thing is getting the best for your money and this does not always mean purchasing the most expensive wood species floorboards.

flooring from exotic wood specie

What about the room?

The room where renovation is planned is also an important and considerable part of the whole process. Different wood species have different specifics and qualities and depending on the functionality of the room, you might be in need of different wood species floor options. For example, in rooms where higher traffic is expected, or where the environment is a bit aggressive to the otherwise prone to some issues wood, you would like to have stronger and denser wooden structures, so exotic wood species would be better options because they are naturally more durable and harder. The appearance of the wood species is, of course, something you do not underestimate too because different aesthetics suit different interior styles and could create different atmospheres and overall feeling.

The dimensions of the room are important to be considered too because smaller rooms will appear more spacious with the help of naturally lighter in colour wood species, while with bigger and more spacious you can play around with colours, textures and patterns. The type of wood floor fitting, or the composition of the floorboards to be more specific, is very important too. More complex and detailed parquet floor patterns, for example, are not highly recommended for smaller rooms.

Does the flooring match your pre-existing décor?

To be honest, laying a new flooring from real wood is a pretty serious investment. If you are planning such a project, your budget is probably going to be focused on floor installation mainly and changing the whole décor of your home is probably not going to be a priority. In case you don’t want to spend additional money on changing around the décor of your home, the best thing to ensure an aesthetic harmony is matching the appearance of your newly installed flooring to the existing interior of the room. You want to ensure that the beautiful wood species you bring into your home is matching to the existing colour scheme, textures, patterns and furnishings at home.