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The Most Popular Floors In TV Series

The Most Popular Floors In TV Series

Are you a fan of 'Sex and The City' or 'Friends'? Oh, we know that you answer is positive, even without asking you! After all, are there people that haven’t binge-watching an entire season of their favourite TV show in one single night? Or it is just us, tell us, please! We guess that you have at least one guilty pleasure in the form of your favorite TV series you are ready to watch all over again after the end of each season and because of that we have decided that today we are going to talk a bit more about some of the most beloved TV series ever issued and your favorite TV personalities. To spice things up a bit more, we are going to talk about something you haven’t noticed in your favourite TV shows, but it is right there, from the first to the last episode aired – flooring. That is right, let’s dive into the fictional worlds of Friends, Sex and The City, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother because we are having a VIP pass for you and today you are a guest of the most popular TV apartments ever shown on TV. Welcome and feel free to look around! Bear in mind that the main puropose of this publication is just to help you notice the flooring, next time you watch your favorite TV series.

Welcome to Monica and Rachel’s apartment in 'Friends' – 90 Bedford Street, Apartment 20, Manhattan, New York; flooring type – vinyl

We guess that we are hardly the only people out there that have ever wanted to be guests at the Monica and Rachel’s cosy and extra clean apartment (well, apart from Joey, Chandler, Ross and Phoebe). This apartment might be considered as one of the top popular ever shown on TV with thousands of tourists and fans visiting 90 Bedford Street every year to take a picture in front of the famous building with the hope to see one of their favourite TV characters entering the building. Originally Monica’s apartment, this is also one of the cosies and coolest places we have ever seen on TV with all the eclectic and colourful style and the cool windows with a great view. The flooring choice of this apartment could also be called one of the most popular in the 90s since vinyl has lived the peak of its fame just a couple of years back. We can see why Monica is a fan of vinyl – it is easy to maintain clean and in good condition and we all know how strict she is about cleanliness. In fact, if you are in need of better and successful floor cleaning routine, Monica is the right person to ask for help, tips and tricks. Sadly the show is over!

Welcome to Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment in 'Big Bang Theory' – 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue, Apartment 4A, Pasadena, California; flooring type – laminate

Knock-knock-knock-Sheldon-knock-knock-knock! Welcome in the coolest boy’s apartment ever built, but please be sure not to sit in Sheldon’s place and everything will be ok. We can easily see why two students would pick and apartment with laminate installed, since laminate is a beautiful choice and looks just like solid wood, however it is way easier to maintain, even for PhD physics and engineering students that have no idea how a floor should be cleaned properly. Laminate will probably always be on the top of all lists for the best flooring options for people that prioritise the easy-to-maintain feature the highest. It is easy to see why – unlike real wood flooring, the laminate is not prone to water and moisture damages, you can mop it daily without fearing of expanding and shrinking of the ‘planks’ that can lead to a number of serious issues.

Welcome to Walter White’s apartment in 'Breaking Bad' – 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque. New Mexico; flooring type – wood flooring

Finally, someone with real style and taste in elegance and classics, we clap hands for the great decision of Walter White to have a real wood flooring installed. Well, although this place might feel like a cosy family house and you would like to stay for some more, be sure to have a quick sip of your coffee and let’s find another place we can visit!

Welcome to Barney’s apartment in 'How I Met Your Mother' – 211 Madison Avenue, Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York; flooring type – laminate

We are sure that right now are making a million of girls and women common dream come true – visiting Barney’s apartment! As you have may or may not know, Barney is a symbol of elegance and style, always wearing his suits, always impressive and put together. The same can be said for his apartment, where the stylish real wood-imitating laminate is enhancing the elegant and simple bachelor crib atmosphere. Oh, a real alpha man choice!

Welcome to Carrie’s apartment from 'Sex and The City' – 245 East 73rd Street, Manhattan, New York; flooring type – laminate

Welcome to another iconic Manhattan’s apartment, the female kingdom of all time, the most desirable place for generations of girls and women! Before heading out to the most famous walk-in closet ever built, let’s just have a quick look at the floor. It seems that laminate is the most popular flooring choice for all fictional characters in all our favourite TV series because Carrie is another proud owner of laminate flooring. Considering her lifestyle and how busy she is to search for love and romance, the laminate is a pretty obvious choice for yet another homeowner that requires an easy-to-maintain setting. Remember that Carrie is the girl that stores clothes in her never used oven and the girl that prefers to eat her dinner outside rather than preparing a delicious home-cooked meal. Well, now we can see why laminate is her first choice and it is even harder to think of real wood flooring as an option, considering the fact that Carrie is constantly wearing her out-of-this-world-beautiful designer high heels and as you know – high heels and wood flooring cannot live together happily ever after, because the risk of major scratches and chipped finish is way too serious.

Disclaimer – this information may or may not be true. The main purpose of this text is to entertain.